A Court of Caprice and Decay: Zara Dusk *Review*

Cover image of A Court of Caprice and Decay by Zara Dusk is in the centre of a darkened image of a field of tulips. Added text: Delph has been stolen away to the fae realm, to save a dying kingdom...

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 22 August 2023 | Series: Royal Fae of Arathay | Series Book: #4 | Pages: 344 | Indie Author | Review

“I was a survivor with a strong violent streak and lightning in my veins.”

Zara Dusk


Zara Dusk and Book Sirens have been extraordinarily generous, giving me a copy of A Court of Caprice and Decay to review! This is the fourth instalment in the Royal Fae of Arathay series, and for the first time doesn’t deal directly with the heirs of Verda. Although they do make an appearance, our focus is actually on a new realm and a human kidnapped from Hebes…

When fae descend on Hebes, they are looking for a new plaything for a prince in the fae realm. Desperate to save her young cousins from a lifetime of servitude, Delph volunteers in their place. Does she want to cross over the barrier? Not at all. But the prince demands her presence, and Delph is suddenly whisked away from everything she’s ever known. In the Realm of Caprice, everything is dying. With the king dead, this magical land has become a deadly and unruly place in which to roam. Beyond the palace, no one is safe. So why does the prince make such a fuss over Delph’s appearance? Can she trust him to tell her the truth in this dangerous realm? And what happens when a family secret is exposed to the entire fae populace?

Cover image of A Court of Caprice and Decay by Zara Dusk is to the bottom left of a darkened image of yellow flowers and branches. Added text: Can Delph trust the fae who has taken her away from her family? Or is he hiding something sinister?
A Court of Caprice and Decay is such a wonderful addition to the Royal Fae of Arathay series!

Happiness Boost:

A Court of Caprice and Decay is such a wonderful addition to the Royal Fae of Arathay series! Being dragged into the fae’s world, Delph sees everything with fresh (yet jaded) eyes. I’m a huge fan of how Zara makes nature another character in her stories, and the wild aspect of the Caprice realm gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes, with Delph needing to find her way through all of it. Is it easy? Absolutely not! But goodness she’s brave and I really admire her.

Let’s talk enemies to lovers, shall we? This NA fantasy gives us a brooding hero, who could easily unalive anyone who displeases him. The fact that Delph shows him no fear and is brutally honest with him isn’t an easy thing to accomplish! I adore how Zara creates such unique characters, always giving us new humans and fae with whom we can fall in love. And if I’m being honest, I think A Court of Caprice and Decay might be one of my favourite books in this series!

The world of the Royal Fae of Arathay series is opening up even more with this fourth tale, and I’m so excited to see it. How everything (and everyone) will work together to fight the Shadow Walkers, I don’t know… But I can’t wait to find out! Zara gives us an overarching plot which is going to result in an epic showdown, and if the ending of this book is anything to go by? We’re in for an absolute treat! Thank goodness these books are coming out as a fairly rapid release. I honestly don’t know if my heart could endure a long wait!


No downside for me, this is a wonderful read!

Final Thoughts:

A Court of Caprice and Decay by indie author Zara Dusk is a fascinating NA fantasy featuring enemies to lovers and devastating secrets. This gorgeous book is yet another reason to fall in love with Zara’s writing: her female heroines are feisty, deadly and downright brave. How could anyone not love that?! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order A Court of Caprice and Decay via this link: Amazon

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