A Court of Fur and Fangs: Zara Dusk *Review*

Cover image of A Court of Fur and Fangs by Zara Dusk is in the centre of a dark image of small white and pink flowers on branches. Added text: Could a bond forged in darkness and despair be just what this realm needs?

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 24 June 2023 | Series: Royal Fae of Arathay | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 292 | Indie Author | Review

“I’ll shred their heart with my claws.”

Zara Dusk


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and Zara Dusk for letting me read a copy of A Court of Fur and Fangs! This is the sequel to A Court of Greed and Excess, and is a *very* steamy NA fantasy. There was steam in the first book, but this second tale in the Royal Fae of Arathay series? It’s basically on fire. You have been warned…

Leif has become the alpha since his mother’s untimely death, and can’t seem to do anything but push everyone away. He’s angry, moody and grieving. This makes for a dangerous combination when he demands every family under his command send an Ascended wolf shifter to join his army. Alara is a loner, but would do anything for her ill father. And that includes lying about having Ascended, so that he can remain at home. When Leif discovers what Alara has done, he punishes her at every turn. Will their growing desire ignite something within Leif? Can they defeat the expanding army of Shadow Walkers? Is a bond forged in darkness and despair exactly what this realm needs?

Cover image of A Court of Fur and Fangs by Zara Dusk is to the bottom left of a dark image of a solitary white flower on a branch. Added text: Will Leif be able to lead as Alpha, when his heart is broken? Can Alara prove herself to him and the rest of the pack?
A Court of Fur and Fangs is a super spicy fantasy, featuring enemies to lovers and found family goodness.

Happiness Boost:

I’m a huge fan of stories about characters coming into their own, and Alara has faced so much even before the events of A Court of Fur and Fangs. Despised and mistrusted for liking her own company, as well as not putting up with idiocy from the likes of Ruben, Alara’s loyalty to her Pa puts her on a dangerous path. But this gives her a chance to show her true worth, not only to her pack but also herself. Zara gives us a heroine who forges her own path, strong in her mind and heart. How could anyone not fall in love with this?! I’m always going to cheer for FMCs like Alara.

This is a super spicy story of enemies to lovers, as well as adorable found family goodness. Within this NA fantasy, these tropes are brought to life with spice, sass and a great dose of humour and love. Alara would be lost without her bestie, Selene. And although Leif might not like to admit it, even in his grief, his fae friends are there for him. I adore found family, and the relationship between Leif and Alara absolutely simmered with heat… We get two of my all-time favourite tropes within these pages, and I am ecstatic!

The thread running through this series is the threat of the Shadow Walkers. I love when there’s an insidious evil which takes time to bring down. If it was too easy, it’d be hardly worth the point, am I right? There’s more developments in this second instalment of the Royal Fae of Arathay series, and it kept me turning the pages long after my normal bedtime!


I am completely okay with spicy, steamy goodness in a story. And yet… I have to admit I felt like Leif and Alara’s tale was overshadowed by this aspect at times. I wanted to know more about the next move of the Shadow Walkers and the plans to defeat them. And although I know Leif was grieving, I missed the amount of interaction between the friends like we’d read within A Court of Greed and Excess.

Final Thoughts:

A Court of Fur and Fangs by indie author Zara Dusk is an *exceptionally* steamy NA fantasy, featuring enemies to lovers and found family. This is another riveting read in the Royal Fae of Arathay series, and I am so excited to see what happens for Gabrelle (who will be our FMC in the next instalment)! If you like super spicy fantasy? A found family who won’t break, no matter what comes at them? This tale is for you! Just click on any of the links below to order a copy for your bookshelf, you’ll be glad you did. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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