A Court of Greed and Excess: Zara Dusk *Review*

Cover image of A Court of Greed and Excess by Zara Dusk is in the centre of a darkened image of flowers against a black backdrop. Added text: Caught in the fae realm, Neela's been swept up in a competition for the throne...

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 27 May 2023 | Series: Royal Fae of Arathay | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 243 | Indie Author | Review

“The choice was clear. Ronan or me.”

Zara Dusk


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and Zara Dusk for letting me read an e-ARC of A Court of Greed and Excess! I know we’re not meant to be tempted by covers, but how could I resist when this title and image spoke to me?! And when I learned it’s an enemies-to-lovers NA fantasy… Well, I’m only human, right? I had to get it!

Neela is, in her own words, a trashbag thief. But when she escapes the mortal world and finds herself in the fae realm, it isn’t long before a one night stand with a fae prince comes back to haunt her. It turns out that Neela is now in direct competition with her hookup for the throne. Not only that, three other fae royalty are also vying for the top spot. Can a human survive the trials for a throne in the Realm of Indulgence? What will happen if Neela places her trust in the arrogant fae prince, Ronan? And can anyone survive the shadows which are starting to appear?

Cover image of A Court of Greed and Excess by Zara Dusk is to the bottom left of a dark image of spiky flowers. Added text: Can Neela survive the trials ahead? Or will the fae royalty kill her as the competition goes on?
If you want a steamy enemies to lovers NA fantasy? You’re in for a treat with A Court of Greed and Excess!

Happiness Boost:

Zara has really created something unique in my eyes, with the way the fae system works. Certain fae houses present a united ruling body, and the heirs have to continue to prove themselves to Gaia. It’s such a pleasant change, especially as (for the most part) these trials for the throne aren’t a cutthroat competition… Until Neela arrives. Does anyone else love getting surprises like this in a new world? It’s been a dream, reading something different!

Where can I get a snuffle tuff? In fact, if I could have a pair, that’d be great! These *adorable* little monsters are creatures I never knew I needed – but now I do! Zara’s utilised ‘normal’ creatures and deadly monsters in A Court of Greed and Excess, but added even more to really make this NA fantasy shine. I don’t know how authors come up with all of these fabulous ideas, I’m just grateful for them! But seriously, let me adopt a snuffle tuff. Please?

Within this tale, we get characters who are pushed past their breaking point. Emotions overflow, because there’s grief and love tightly woven around all of these characters’ hearts. Zara makes us ask ourselves, what would we do if we made a promise? How could we survive a new realm where nearly everything wants to kill us? And what happens if you can’t trust that the mood you’re feeling is *actually* your own? Friendships are tested while others are forged… This story has been an absolute rollercoaster and I couldn’t be happier!


I couldn’t find a downside to this incredible tale; I’ve loved every second of this NA fantasy!

Final Thoughts:

A Court of Greed and Excess by indie author Zara Dusk is going to be your new favourite NA fantasy read. Yes, I said what I said. If you love enemies to lovers, found family, fae romance, even trials for a throne? You’ll soon be begging for more from this indie author once you’ve read this beauty! It is going to take your breath away. If you like the sound of this tale from my review? You can click on any of the links below to pre-order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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