A Court of Verity and Lies: Zara Dusk *Review*

Cover image of A Court of Verity and Lies by Zara Dusk is in the centre of an image of a crown lying in the water. Added text: Can Gabrelle find an ancient relic before Prince Thorne kills her?

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 23 July 2023 | Series: Royal Fae of Arathay | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 273 | Indie Author | Review

“In one lousy chess move, I’d thrown myself into a fight I had little chance of surviving.”

Zara Dusk


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and Zara Dusk for letting me read a copy of A Court of Verity and Lies! This is the third instalment in the NA fantasy series, Royal Fae of Arathay, and I can’t contain my excitement that we’re finally getting Princess Gabrelle’s story. She’s intrigued me from the very start! So let’s give you an overview, shall we?

When Gabrelle’s tasked with finding an ancient relic in the Realm of Fen, she’s determined to make her way using Stealth, rather than her innate magic of Lure. However, Stealth might be the worst choice Gabrelle could possibly make… Because within this kingdom, a lie is impossible. With a Prince who hates lies and beauty in equal measure, Gabrelle struggles to get Thorne on her side. In fact, Thorne’s threatened to slay her if he even suspects any wrongdoing. Can Gabrelle and Thorne unite against a common enemy? Will the realm of truth expose some secrets which are best left in the dark? And is the relic even to be found in this kingdom, or has this journey been all for nothing?

Cover image of A Court of Verity and Lies by Zara Dusk is to the bottom left of an image of gold sparkles. Added text: Is it possible for Gabrelle to be more than just a beautiful princess? Can Thorne see past his hatred and help save the world?
A Court of Verity and Lies will have you falling head over heels for Zara Dusk’s writing…

Happiness Boost:

A Court of Verity and Lies is an intense journey into a realm of truths, no matter the consequences. I absolutely love Zara’s play on this aspect, and how fae (if they’re clever) can navigate this by choosing what *not* to say. Thorne is an absolute stickler for honesty, but up against Gabrelle? The poor grump, he didn’t stand a chance – not once she started feeling comfortable in the realm. I swear, Gabrelle’s like a cat. She lands on her feet and is *very* quick to twist people around her finger when necessary. So of course that’s a happiness boost!

Yes I’ve already talked about her, but Gabrelle deserves a happiness boost all her own. This feisty and stubborn heroine has to battle inner demons, and I really don’t envy her. How many of us can say we’re okay with facing such gremlins? Being identified for her beauty is a sharp dagger to Gabrelle’s heart, because she doesn’t want to be a carbon copy of her mother. However, it’s within Fen that the Princess of Allura learns to embrace every aspect of herself. And I couldn’t be more proud! She’s so fierce and resourceful; Gabrelle ticks so many of my FMC goals!

Can Zara give us the perfect balance of plot and steamy romance? You bet she can! I know, I know, I said differently with my review for A Court of Fur and Fangs, the second book in this series. But in this one? The Shadow Walkers, as well as the threats from within the Realm of Fen itself, both receive the attention they so thoroughly deserve within this NA fantasy. And the tumultuous relationship between Gabrelle and Thorne? Brace yourselves for a true enemies to lovers tale here, glitterbugs!


No downside with this beauty, I’ve loved A Court of Verity and Lies so much!

Final Thoughts:

A Court of Verity and Lies by indie author Zara Dusk is an intense journey into enemy territory, full of hard truths and a tumultuous love. No word of a lie, I already have the next book ready to go on my Kindle (thank you Zara and Book Sirens)! I *need* to know what happens next for this group of royal fae. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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