A Legacy of Storms and Starlight: Victoria J. Price *Review*

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Genres: New Adult, Fantasy, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 22 February 2022 | Series: A Legacy of Storms and Starlight | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 461 | Indie Author | Review

“I didn’t mean for him to die.”

Victoria J. Price


A Legacy of Storms and Starlight was in my book fort for way too long before I got around to reading it! This is an amazing, heart-wrenching NA fantasy by Victoria J. Price and is the first book in her latest series. Be prepared, I’m going to fangirl a *lot* in my review. But before I do, let me give you an overview of this brilliant fantasy…

*TW: The opening of this series may be triggering for some readers, as it alludes to attempted rape.*

Our young heroine, Zylah, has been imprisoned and is now waiting for death, because she killed the Prince to stop his attempted rape. Did she mean to kill him? No. Does that matter? Not to the King. However, when Zylah disappears from the hangman’s noose, just as the trapdoor opens, it seems her Fae heritage has come into play. Zylah must now embark on a journey of discovery, even as she runs from King Arnir…

When Zylah starts to put down roots, she finds out that there is a Fae uprising in the works. And Zylah desperately wants to be a part of it. Joining forces with the enigmatic Holt, easy-going Raif (and a bunch of other Fae), Zylah has to learn how to use her powers while they plot to kill the King. But why does using her magic hurt Zylah? And will they succeed in their plans? Can Zylah reconcile her heart being torn in two, between her old family and the new?

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A Legacy of Storms and Starlight is a story that will stay in your heart for years to come.

Happiness Boost:

A Legacy of Storms and Starlight has just completely splattered my heart in the best possible way. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses in Zylah’s world. Far from it. *But* Victoria has blown me away with this character-driven story; her characters are flawed, complex and yes, even broken. The plot may be one you’ve read before (overthrow the evil monarch) but it isn’t straightforward. And even at its most basic level, A Legacy of Storms and Starlight ensures that we know that the evilness wasn’t all one-way. When the Fae ruled things got out of hand, and back then it was the humans who suffered. This shade of grey in an often black-and-white story line is so refreshing.

And can we talk about side characters?? We have multiple side characters that I just wanted to hug through the pages. First up is Kopi, an owl that Zylah and Holt save. This little feathery sidekick is the cutest, most loveable creature ever. Kopi is fiercely protective of Zylah and I feel like we’re only just starting our journey of adoration with him. And Holt?! This Fae… I tell you, he gave me Rowan vibes (from Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series). And I don’t mean that as in he’s a carbon copy or anything like that, because he’s not. But he has known hardship and grief, he’s mysterious and broken and honourable… In fact, there’s something he said that just broke me: ‘Memories are fickle things. But sometimes they’re all there is.’ That was the first punch to my heart in this book.

I really want to write so much more, but we’d probably be here forever if I did!


No downside!! NONE. Even though it broke my heart at one point, there’s no downside. You want a book that makes you feel? This is the one for you.

Final Thoughts:

A Legacy of Storms and Starlight was made to be read and loved, and I love it with everything that I am. Victoria J. Price had me reaching for the tissues multiple times in this exceptional NA fantasy; so if you’re someone like me who cries easily, grab a box and put it near you when you read this book. It spoils us with complicated characters, magic, a protective owl and powerful Fae within its pages… And every single aspect of A Legacy of Storms and Starlight has made me love it even more. I could go on. I really could. Suffice to say: it has all the stars and certainly all of my heart, too. ♥

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