A Most Efficient Murder: Anthony Slayton *Review*

Cover image of A Most Efficient Murder by Anthony Slayton is in the middle of the image, over a slightly blurred lush garden image. Added text says: A dead body in the garden and a family with secrets... Can this murder be solved?

Genres: Historical Mystery, Cosy Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 3 April 2022 | Series: The Mr. Quayle Mysteries | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 316 | Indie Author | Review

“That’s the trouble these days: no one has the common decency to be stabbed in their own gardens anymore.”

Anthony Slayton


A Most Efficient Murder by Anthony Slayton is a classic murder mystery, filled with entertaining characters, red herrings and all of the charm of 1920s England! Thanks to the generosity of the author and Book Sirens, I’m now a massive fan of Mr Quayle and will be following every subsequent mystery.

When Lord Unsworth throws a birthday party for his favourite niece, nobody expects a random woman’s body to appear in the gardens. With the police circling the family, Mr Quayle (the Earl’s secretary), is immediately roped into being a liaison. But with mounting pressure and deadly secrets just waiting to be spilled, can Mr Quayle help solve this murder mystery?

Cover image of A Most Efficient Murder by Anthony Slayton is to the bottom right of a slightly blurred image of yellow flowers. Added text says: Nobody can identify the murdered woman in the garden... Can Mr Quayle save the Unsworth family from murder and scandal?
A Most Efficient Murder is filled with 1920s charm, red herrings and absolutely captivating characters…

Happiness Boost:

Anthony has given us quite a few eclectic and eccentric characters to love, and I really enjoy when there’s a decent sized cast. Particularly in murder mysteries! Importantly, there’s also still the realism of the aftermath of WWI. As one of the characters mentions, “There were no heroes at the Somme… Only survivors.” I got chills when I read that line. Being a cosy, classic mystery doesn’t mean it can’t hit hard with reality. And I’m really glad we’re given this in A Most Efficient Murder.

We’ve all read some Agatha Christie, right? Or, if you haven’t, you’ve seen the shows and movies? Anthony gives us the same feel of her writing (and M. M. Kaye’s). It’s such a delight to read a mystery like this one, that keeps a reader guessing until the last page. And the big reveal! Gathering the suspects all into one place to reveal the murderer is a classic plot device, and every single time it occurs, I’m so happy! While there was no finicky Poirot or shrewd cookie of a Miss Marple to deliver the answers, Mr Quayle admirably steps up to the task in this book. I really do think he’s going to be a favourite of mine.

I want to say so much more in my happiness boosts for this book, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers! But I can tell you that reading this book each afternoon (I was savouring) was like a welcome home present. I got comfy, had a cup of tea at the ready, and just let the author direct me through the story. It was magnificent.


I didn’t have a downside, because this wonderful novel gave me everything I could’ve wanted in a historical murder mystery.

Final Thoughts:

Anthony Slayton has given us the beginnings of a great murder mystery series in A Most Efficient Murder. With Mr Quayle at the helm, assisting the family out of scandal and murders alike, I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve read! This truly is a story you need to get if you love the style of classic crime authors like Agatha Christie and M. M. Kaye. A classic whodunnit, with a bunch of suspects and an amateur sleuth… What’s not to love? I’ve already signed up for any and all news from this author, because I want more!

You can order via my Amazon link: A Most Efficient Murder

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