A Rather Dastardly Death: Anthony Slayton *Review*

Cover image of A Rather Dastardly Death by Anthony Slayton is in the centre of an image of a seaside city light up at night. Added text: The Unsworth family have just escaped to the French Riviera... But murder still haunts their steps.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Cosy Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 26 March 2023 | Series: The Mr. Quayle Mysteries | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 342 | Indie Author | Review

“He had sent himself into the slaughter.”

Anthony Slayton


A Rather Dastardly Death by Anthony Slayton was just the kind of tale I needed, after diving into so much fantasy recently! And a huge thank you has to go to the author and Book Sirens for letting me read this cosy murder mystery. Returning to the world of Mr Quayle and the Unsworth family, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I fangirled pretty hard, considering my review for the first book (which you can check out here)!

Desperate to find some peace after recent events, the Unsworth family are now holidaying along the French Riviera in 1926. Still coming to terms with her heartbreak, Fanny has thrown herself wholeheartedly into a community of artists and anarchists. Her cousin, Arthur, is creating a headache for Quayle as he gambles away each night. Not to mention, Arthur’s luck is still awful, as he’s soon caught up in a plan to catch an international jewel thief. But the worst event happens all too quickly… An old flame of Lord Unsworth is found dead, and once again the family are suspects. But who would want to murder Lady Rosaline Barrett De Marchi? Was it a jealous lover, or maybe a desperate artist? And can Quayle save the family from ruin a second time?

Cover image of A Rather Dastardly Death by Anthony Slayton is to the bottom left of an image of a seaside city lit up at night, and a rocky beach. Added text: Can Quayle save the Unsworth family once again? Or will a murderer go free?
A classic whodunnit, A Rather Dastardly Death is somehow even better than the first book of the series!

Happiness Boost:

The returning characters within A Rather Dastardly Death are just as wonderfully comforting as they were in the previous book. Quayle isn’t the fussy Poirot, or witty Miss Marple… But goodness he’s a very clever sleuth. And within this book? More of his past during the war is revealed, along with other secrets the Unsworth family have kept close to their chests until now. I *really* love that these characters have a depth to them, making them more than just a name on a page.

Although there’s a number of devious plots afoot within this murder mystery, it is Rosaline’s murder which anchors the tale. And the best part? Anthony very cleverly warned us that Rosaline was scared of *something*, to have asked Lord Unsworth to her home. Adding this into a melting pot of theories, red herrings and numerous suspects… I haven’t enjoyed myself this much for a long time! If you like murder mysteries and haven’t read any of Anthony’s books, you need to fix that error right now. I’m just saying.

Is anyone else a sucker for hapless people? What about indomitable women who just sail forth into the world, regardless of the people in their path? I ran through a number of emotions, reading A Rather Dastardly Death… But I really think the biggest one was pure joy. Because this story is going to make you happy. I promise.


It’s case closed! This book had no downside for me, but I’m going to miss reading about these characters… I’ll have to practice my patience as I wait for another instalment!

Final Thoughts:

A Rather Dastardly Death by indie author Anthony Slayton really is an incredible historical murder mystery… And if you want something with a classic feel to it? Or with a riveting mystery which will keep you turning pages until the very end? This book is for you! If you love the sound of this story from my review, you can click on any of the links below and order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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