A River of Golden Bones: A. K. Mulford *Review*

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Genres: New Adult, NA Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy | Release Date: 7 December 2023 | Series: The Golden Court | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 392 | Publisher: Harper Voyager | Review

“Dying wishes make for powerful magic.”

A. K. Mulford


Did I keep telling myself I’d read A River of Golden Bones by A. K. Mulford really soon? Yes, yes I did. So I’m ecstatic to report that I’ve *finally* devoured this glorious romantasy, which is great timing because book two is releasing later this year! Now before I wax poetic, let’s give you an overview!

Calla and Briar have been hidden away from the public all of their lives, in an effort to protect the twins from an evil sorceress. But when it’s time for Briar to marry the Silver Wolf King’s heir? They can no longer stay within the shelter of the forest. Known as Briar’s shadow and protector, Calla is unprepared for what they’ll face at court. And things get even more perilous as Calla attempts to forget their feelings for their childhood friend Grae, knowing he’s the one pledged to Briar. When the sorceress returns with deadly consequences, Calla must learn how to stand in the spotlight. Because if they don’t? Briar will never awaken from a sleeping curse. Their Golden Court will forever be in ruins. And neither humans or Wolves will last much longer against the might of Sawyn’s magic.

Hardcover of A RIver of Golden Bones by A. K. Mulford is in the centre of a white bookshelf, surrounded by other books by Mulford, as well as Miranda Lyn. A Viking polymer clay dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is to the left of the hardcover.
A River of Golden Bones is even *more* of a favourite than Mulford’s Five Crowns of Okrith series for me.
Neither the Viking from Dirty Paws Australia or I saw that coming!

Happiness Boost:

There’s something so very special about the tropes Mulford uses within this romantasy, not least of which being the found family! It’s no secret this is my favourite trope, but goodness does Calla’s journey give us the most loyal group of friends who become family. And can we discuss Ora, the leader of the travelling band of musicians? They are so comfortable and open in who they are, it’s just what Calla needs to discover their own truth too. My heart was overflowing as Calla embraces all that they are and I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s talk about world building, shall we? How Mulford comes up with new realms like this, I have no idea! But it’s a true joy to wander their paths, even in the most dangerous of times. And that river of golden bones? A chill went down my spine when I read the passage. It’s disturbing and heartbreaking, but I love that Mulford gives us moments like this. It’s not always a big battle that makes you pause. Oftentimes, it’s actually the snapshots of life away from war which hit the hardest.

I could go on for days about what I love about A River of Golden Bones, trust me! But right now I’m putting aside the rest of my discussion points, because I want to talk about something more important. What Mulford continues to do in this new series, just as they did in their previous fantasy series (The Five Crowns of Okrith), is create a haven for anyone who needs a safe space to land. When a book envelops you with acceptance, power and peace? It’s more than a good book. It is everything. Mulford has given us a gift and I’m so very grateful for it.


I don’t think anyone could find a downside to this incredible story; there’s certainly none in my eyes!

Final Thoughts:

A River of Golden Bones by A. K. Mulford is a romantasy full of wolves, malicious power and the path to acceptance. I’m completely in love with this first book in The Golden Court series, and have actually already pre-ordered book two via Blackwell’s. This is a book you need in your life. I said what I said. If you love the sound of this book from my review? Just click any of the links below to grab a copy of A River of Golden Bones! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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