A Song of Magic: Kate Schumacher *Review*

Cover image of A Song of Magic by Kate Schumacher is in the centre of an image of a sunset near the sea. Added text: Can Jenyfer learn to embrace her syhren magic?

Genres: Romantic Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy | Release Date: 6 April 2024 | Series: The Grail Cycle | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 568 | Indie Author | Review

“Your fate was bound from the moment you met.”

Kate Schumacher


A massive thank you goes to indie author Kate Schumacher, for letting me read an ARC of A Song of Magic! This is the second book in the perilous NA romantic fantasy series, The Grail Cycle, so if you haven’t checked out my review for The Call of the Sea yet? Go fix that right now by clicking here. But without any further ado, let’s give you an overview for this beauty!

Determined to protect Ordes from her newly discovered syhren song, Jenyfer has abandoned The Excalibur and boarded The Night Queen instead. But under the watchful eyes of the gods, Jen and Ordes continue to be pushed together as they race to find the items which will help save the world. From the land to the very depths of the sea, where they meet the Master of Songs and Death, the duo must unravel the truths and lies before them. And could Arthur really be the missing piece of the puzzle, when he’s so unsure of his place in the world? Especially with a cousin who continues to mock the coming of the prophesied one. Now back on land, when Lamorna discovers that she no longer fits in the pious world of Kernou, can she find a place amongst magic users? Faiths will be shaken, magic will spill… And chaos will reign.

Cover image of A Song of Magic by Kate Schumacher is to the bottom left of an image of the sea at sunset, with a purple hue. Added text: The world is in chaos, and the gods are about to clash... Can fulfilling Merlin's prophecy save the realm?
I am utterly in love with A Song of Magic and its tale of high stakes & fervent love…

Happiness Boost:

A Song of Magic crashes into your soul with the force of a king tide. Glitterbugs, be prepared to take a deep breath and dive ever deeper into peril… Because this NA fantasy? It has *everything*. Yes it’s an Arthurian reimagining, but seriously? There’s also the highest of stakes. A steamy, fervent love between some of our favourite characters. And the gripping knowledge that someone is lying, but distinguishing between friend and foe is no easy task. Everyone has a part in this story, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat throughout the entire journey!

There’s very few authors who can match Kate’s ability to portray both the sheer force of a capricious sea, and the delicate change of the seasons. Every time I read one of her books, I feel the weight of nature in my bones. It’s another character in its own right, and in my eyes? It puts Kate on par with J. R. R. Tolkien for this magical ability. That’s not a glib statement. That’s the pure truth from me.

Can we talk about sweet cinnamon roll darlings? Because Ordes, you beautiful soul… If you don’t become a favourite book boyfriend for readers, there’s something wrong with them! This young man is caught between worlds, and is so very torn up about the distance Jen is putting between them too. Did anyone else try to figure out how to fix everything and make it better, from beyond the page? Because I know I was trying! It’s such a fascinating tale, but the presence of Ordes just makes a great story even *better*.


A Song of Magic is like a love song to the sea. There’s absolutely no downside for this gem!

Final Thoughts:

A Song of Magic by indie author Kate Schumacher is an exceptional NA romantic fantasy of Arthurian mythology and mercurial enchantments. Now I know I’m biased but… Everyone needs to read this story! Seriously! This is epic storytelling and I’m completely captivated by it. So if you love the sound of this tale from my review? Just click on any of the links below to pre-order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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