A Vow of Dragons and Storms: G. Bailey *Review*

Cover image of A Vow of Dragons and Storms by G. Bailey is in the centre of an image of a cave with ice. Added text: Story has stumbled into a world of legend...

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 23 April 2024 | Series: The Lost Fae Riders | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 492 | Indie Author | Review

“Even dead, you would haunt me.”

G. Bailey


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and indie author G. Bailey for letting me read a copy of A Vow of Dragons and Storms! This NA fantasy romance is book one in The Lost Fae Riders series, and it’s been a pure joy to read this tale of dragons, fae and the evil of vampyres. So let’s give you an overview!

For centuries, the world has existed without fae riders and their dragons. Trapped under the rule of vampyres, the remaining fae have been barely eking out an existence. But when Story Dehana escapes from one of the worst vampyres in the realm, she stumbles into a world of legend… Because the fae riders and their dragons have been trapped in a mansion for half a millennium, and she’s the only one to have made it inside their prison. Distrusting her sudden appearance, King Ziven of the Moon Dynasty demands Story enter the Decidere trial, despite the Sun Dynasty King’s protests. If she fails? The dragons will kill her. Can Story survive the deadly trial awaiting her? Why does Ziven detest her so much? And why does everyone believe Story’s the only one who can release them from their prison?

Cover image of A Vow of Dragons and Storms by G. Bailey is to the bottom left of an image of a dark cave. Added text: Dragons and fae have been trapped for centuries... Will Story be the one to free them?
I’m desperate for book two… A Vow of Dragons and Storms is such a magical tale!

Happiness Boost:

Within A Vow of Dragons and Storms, Bailey not only gives us a beautiful library and an unlikely found family, but also a smouldering relationship which could change *everything*! This mansion of trapped fae riders holds so many secrets glitterbugs, and I absolutely adore how they’re unravelled as the tale goes on. This is a masterful fantasy romance and I’m desperate to know more!

Okay, let’s talk about our beloved heroine, Story. Because of a medical condition, she’s been deemed unfit for two of the three roles fae can have in Vampyre society. Specifically? The problem lies with her uterus and ovaries. Now I know this is a specific happiness boost which might not resonate with everyone, but as someone living with endometriosis and adenomyosis? I felt *seen*. Story has debilitating pain, which becomes even worse while she’s trapped in the mansion. This is the kind of content I long for, especially in the fantasy genre. Too often, main characters have no flaws and are in perfect health… Give me this realism. Give me this arc of pain and healing and, ultimately, accepting yourself as you are.

Glitterbugs, A Vow of Dragons and Storms has been such a gem of a read. I love that we get flawed characters, as well as trials which push Story and the other fae to their limit. And the ending?! WHAT? Do you have any idea how intense my need for the sequel is?! C’mon August, I need A Book of Royals and Deities sooner rather than later. Massive happiness boost time!


There’s no downside for me with this beautiful book!

Final Thoughts:

A Vow of Dragons and Storms by indie author G. Bailey is a magical fantasy romance full of trickery, desperate dreams and a smouldering love. Will I be adding everything else by this author to my TBR? Yes, yes I will. Because I’ve loved every minute of this tale and I’m sure that will hold true for the other stories too! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on either of the links below to grab yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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