An Enchantment of Ravens: Margaret Rogerson *Review*

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Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 1 June 2018 | Standalone | Pages: 304 | Publisher: Simon & Schuster | Review

“The fairy courts will never be the same.”

Margaret Rogerson


An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson has been patiently waiting in my TBR book fort for a *very* long time. And now that I’ve read it, I feel bad that it waited this long! This YA fantasy is a change of pace and plot to most stories of faerie, which is extremely exciting to me. So what’s it actually about?

Isobel is a master of her artistic Craft, and in high demand with the fair folk. Constantly painting portraits of the immortal beings, Isobel requests specific enchantments as payment. But her life drastically changes when Isobel makes a mistake… Rook, the autumn prince, is painted with sorrow shining from his eyes. Unveiling it in front of his court, Rook must now take her to his kingdom to stand trial for this crime, lest he be judged weak and killed. But when they are attacked from all sides in faerie, Rook and Isobel must rely on each other for survival. And even worse, they fall in love. To do so is to die. Can Isobel’s Craft save them from the fair folks’ law? Or will they both perish, in front of the might of the fair folk?

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An Enchantment of Ravens is a pure delight to read, from start to finish.
The glorious autumn dragon by Dirty Paws Australia loved it too!

Happiness Boost:

I love that An Enchantment of Ravens paints the fair folk as I knew them from childhood stories. They are capricious, powerful and alluring. They are not simply the dark hero or heroine of a tale, like we get in so many stories nowadays. Margaret abides by their lore throughout history, but she also adds her own flair. And is it weird to say that some of the names just make me love it even more? Gadfly! Straight away, names like this draw us into the YA fantasy.

There’s a humour to Isobel and Rook’s relationship, particularly when he is in raven form. And when danger comes for them, neither are willing to let the other fall. Am I a sap for loving this? It’s just so wholesome and sweet, and I think it’s one of the things I’ve loved most about Margaret’s writing! And it’s both wonderful and terrifying to see how Craft both perplexes and entices the fae… It draws them into such a whirling attraction that it can easily lead them to their own death if they’re not careful.

I’m fangirling pretty hard right now about An Enchantment of Ravens, so much so that it’s actually hard to get the words out! There’s so much more to love about this story… Like what, you’re probably asking? Well, there are asides from Isobel, like you’d get from Jane Austen’s characters. There are kid sisters who were literally once kid goats. And the beasts of faerie are particularly grotesque and intimidating. How could I not fangirl?!


None! Okay I lie, I wish there were more books after this one, instead of it being a standalone. But An Enchantment of Ravens is completely wonderful!

Final Thoughts:

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson is a beautiful, colourful YA fantasy of enchantments and faerie. And it felt like coming home, reading a tale that threaded both magic and heart throughout every single page. After weaving my way through the different courts and amongst the fickle fair folk, I was so sad to come to the end. I’m seriously considering doing a re-read before reading anything else. If you love the sound of this beautiful book from my review? You can click any of the links below and get your own copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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  1. I feel like I might need to read this one. You make everything sound so enticing though, it’s hard to narrow down a list.

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