April 2024 Book GOALS

April 2024 Book GOALS image is of an open book with posies of flowers lying across it.

My April 2024 Book Goals are actually going to be a little smaller than usual, because goodness doesn’t the time fly by when you’re an adult? It can’t be just me feeling this way, surely… But I’ve got a few beautiful ARCs up my sleeve, as well as the ever-patient TBR of physical books to keep me company. So let’s dive into what I’ve chosen!

What’s on the TBR list?

A small but mighty list of fantasy goodness awaits me this month! I know, I know, some of these titles will look familiar. But I’m determined to finally read Fourth Wing (among others)! Now without further ado, let’s check out the TBR list for this month’s book goals…

  • Wings of a Midnight Storm: P. N. Vang
  • Dark Artificer: Ember Holt
  • The Anatomy of Songs: Megan White
  • The Wizard’s Mark: Janette Rallison
  • Crimson Skies: Jaymin Eve
  • Fourth Wing: Rebecca Yarros
  • A River of Golden Blades: A. K. Mulford

Anticipated Releases:

I can’t remember the last time I had a massive line up like this one, so this has been incredibly fun to put together! Are some of these a part of my April 2024 Book Goals? Absolutely! In fact the review for Wings of a Midnight Storm shouldn’t be too far away if I’ve timed things right! Mark the dates on your calendars glitterbugs, and be prepared for all the adventures:

  • 1st: Fulfilling Fate: M. A. Frick
  • 2nd: A Fated Vow: Amanda Aggie
  • 2nd: Immortal Souls: Tyrolin Puxty
  • 4th: Of Darkness and Ruination: Rachel Fallon
  • 4th: Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales: Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington
  • 6th: A Song of Magic: Kate Schumacher
  • 8th: Wings of a Midnight Storm: P. N. Vang
  • 9th: The House of Starling: Ciara Hartford
  • 18th: The Shadow Key: Susan Stokes-Chapman
  • 23rd: Till Death: Miranda Lyn
  • 30th: Dark Artificer: Ember Holt
April 2024 Book GOALS features anticipated releases! Eleven book cover images are superimposed over an image of dark purple flowers. Top row: Fulfilling Fate by M. A. Frick, A Fated Vow by Amanda Aggie, Immortal Souls by Tyrolin Puxty, Of Darkness and Ruination by Rachel Fallon. Middle row: Kate Forsyth's Long-Lost Fairy Tales by Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington, A Song of Magic by Kate Schumacher, Wings of a Midnight Storm by P. N. Vang, The House of Starling by Ciara Hartford. Bottom row: The Shadow Key by Susan Stokes-Chapman, Till Death by Miranda Lyn, Dark Artificer by Ember Holt.
Every single one of these fantasy beauties needs to be on your TBR…

The great news is, I can already tell you about some of these gorgeous anticipated releases! Do you want an exceptional NA romantic fantasy of Arthurian mythology and mercurial enchantments? Kate Schumacher’s A Song of Magic is for you! Or are you hungry for a gritty, dark fantasy romance instead? M. A. Frick’s Fulfilling Fate is the epic finale to a trilogy you’re going to love!

But if you want to wander the paths of faery, look no further than Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales by Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington… I promise, you’re in the best of hands! Lastly, if you’re after an incredible debut in the romantic fantasy genre? Dive into The House of Starling by indie author Ciara Hartford. It’s a riveting story and I’m honestly already aching for more. Now, being sneaky, I have already left a mini review for Till Death by Miranda Lyn on Goodreads… But stay tuned, because a more detailed review will be coming to the blog very soon!

Happy reading, glitterbugs! I hope you achieve all of your own April 2024 Book Goals, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon…

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