April Book GOALS

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Yes, I’m diving straight into letting you know my April Book Goals! It’s only been a day since I wrapped up last month’s reads with the March Books Recap, but I’m starting off my April with all the book goals a lady could want.

Ambitious? Moi? If you’d only seen how terrifyingly ambitious I got with my uni goals, back in the day; this is a walk in the park compared to that! So here goes…

What’s on the TBR List?

I have a few goodies in store for my April Book Goals, and the first three off the rank are all supplied to me by generous authors via Book Sirens!

  • Smoke and Spells: Ryver Knight
  • Felgrim: E. M. Duffield-Fuller
  • Keeper of the Scales: Anne Mollova

I have also just received an e-ARC of the amazing Rae Else’s Umbra, which is the 3rd book in her The Dark Between series. To say I am excited for this ARC is an understatement. I’m practically bouncing off the walls!

You may or may not know this, but I honestly have a book fort in my bedroom. It’s no longer just a couple of separate book towers of TBRs, it’s an honest-to-goodness fort. So out of that fort, what else have I picked?

  • Dragon Keeper: Robin Hobb
  • Nottingham: Nathan Makaryk
  • A Legacy of Storms and Starlight: Victoria J. Price
  • The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker: Joanna Nell
  • Shards of Venus: Tjalara Draper
  • Vengeance Blooms: Chloe Hodge
  • Midnight Thief: Livia Blackburne
  • Searching for Charlotte: Kate Forsyth & Belinda Murrell
  • Dance of Thieves: Mary E. Pearson

Yes, I’m probably going to regret my ambitious April Book Goals. But what’s life without a challenge?

Anticipated Releases:

I only have two anticipated releases this month (as far as I know), and they are actually both books I have already reviewed! The Fabric of Chaos by Helen Scheuerer and The Cursed and the Broken by Chloe Hodge are releasing this month (on the 21st and 15th, respectively) and I cannot wait to hug their physical copies to my heart.

A dark blue background has the images of 2 covers superimposed on it: The Fabric of Chaos by Helen Scheuerer and Chloe Hodge's The Cursed and the Broken. Added text at the bottom says: Fantasy has found its champions...
These are my two anticipated releases for April, amongst the April Book Goals.
Anticipated Releases for April…
If you haven’t got these as part of your own April Book Goals, add them now!

If you want to see my reviews for them these are their links:

The Fabric of Chaos: Helen Scheuerer

The Cursed and the Broken: Chloe Hodge

Do you set yourself monthly goals? Is it hard to keep up with them? Except for my uni days, I always read without setting targets. But with my growing book dragon ways, I think it’s time I started!

Happy reading, bookworms! Let’s see if I can smash my goals…

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