August Book GOALS

August Book Goals features a stack of old books on a wodden table, with flowers atop of them and a ball of wool and mortar and pestle in front of it.

How it’s already time to declare my August Book Goals, I don’t know. Did we not just begin this year? It’s bizarre how quickly 2023 is going! The irony for this month is that, even though I have a *packed* TBR bookcase, my TBR list is actually very ebook heavy. We just won’t look at the physical books as they judge me from the sidelines, okay? Okay!

What’s on the TBR list?

Listen… I had great ideas for making a dent in my physical tower of books. But there’s a number of ARCs or new releases this month which take precedence. I’d say I don’t make the rules, but that’d be a lie! So without further ado, here’s my TBR list for my August Book Goals:

  • A Court of Verity and Lies: Zara Dusk
  • Rule of the Aurora King: Nisha J. Tuli
  • Trillias Gambit: J. V. Hilliard
  • Heart of Night and Fire: Nisha J. Tuli
  • The Unblessed Witch: Miranda Lyn
  • Shadow Queen: Nicola Tyche
  • This Wicked Fate: Amanda Aggie
  • Where Magic Begins: Faith Prince
  • Vows & Ruins: Helen Scheuerer
  • Hanging the Devil: Tim Maleeny

Anticipated Releases:

No pressure or anything but… August is a fantasy bookworm’s *dream*. Make sure you check out the release dates below and mark your calendars, because we’re in for a brilliant month of reading!

  • 1st: The Call of the Sea: Kate Schumacher
  • 1st: Shadow Queen: Nicola Tyche
  • 1st: Bring Me Your Midnight: Rachel Griffin
  • 4th: Sea of Souls: N. C. Scrimgeour
  • 8th: The Befallen: Cambria Williams
  • 10th: Maker: Rebecca Camm
  • 11th: Bound by Honey: Jamie Dalton
  • 12th: Wolf Cursed: Robyn Herzman
  • 15th: Thornhedge: T. Kingfisher
  • 29th: War Queen: Nicola Tyche
  • 30th: Marked for the Pyre: M. T. Fontaine
  • 31st: The Veiled Prince: Ivy Brannon
August Book Goals incl. anticipated releases: The Call of the Sea by Kate Schumacher, Shadow Queen by Nicola Tyche, Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin, Sea of Souls by N. C. Scrimgeour, The Befallen by Cambria Williams and Maker by Rebecca Camm.
Mesmerising fantasy reads, anyone?
August Book Goals incl. anticipated releases: Bound by Honey by Jamie Dalton, Wolf Cursed by Robyn Herzman, Thornhedge by T. Kingfisher, War Queen by Nicola Tyche, Marked for the Pyre by M. T. Fontaine and The Veiled Prince by Ivy Brannon.
And why stop there… Here, have some more!

It’s hefty, right?! But what a wonderful month we have ahead of us! Now I can say yours truly was thoroughly spoiled, because I received an e-ARC of some of these beauties and have already shared my thoughts on them.

Do you want an Arthurian reimagining of exceptional quality? You’ll want to check out my review for Kate Schumacher’s The Call of the Sea. How about a dark fantasy of selkies and myths come to life? You’re going to fall in love with Sea of Souls by N. C. Scrimgeour. Do you want to dive into an epic fantasy of spreading evil and forgotten lore? Have a look at The Befallen by Cambria Williams! And if you’d prefer a cosy fantasy which will hug you as you read along? I got you, because Bound by Honey by Jamie Dalton is for you! Seriously, there are so many good books out this month. I’m overjoyed!

Happy reading, glitterbugs! I hope you achieve all of your own August Book Goals, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon…

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