August Books RECAP

Images of 8 book covers are lined up in two rows across a green image featuring an insect and a white flower. The top row (L to R) is: A Most Efficient Murder, The Parlour Game, When Souls Tear and To Wield a Crown. The bottom row is: Carved Amidst the Shadows, Capturing the Devil, These Twisted Bonds and The Christie Affair. Added text says: August Books Recap.

My August Books Recap came around so quickly! Where did the time go?! My August Book Goals was ambitious, and I’ve actually only missed two of the books I set out to read. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that. Nearly all of the books I read this month were incredible (for various reasons), and it’s always a joy when you have a month filled with good stories to read!

You may notice that in this August Books Recap there’s a link to The Parlour Game by Jennifer Renshaw, which didn’t appear on my blog. For me it had to be a 3 star read, and I didn’t feel comfortable putting that here. But someone else may fall in love with it, so you can head to the link below and see if it speaks to you!

Links to Book Review Goodness:

There is a pink-red flower laying on an open book. The words are mostly blurred out. Image by ToniaD from Pixabay.
This August Books Recap is a hefty one…
But you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

There are eight books here, featuring fantasy, murder mystery and historical fiction to die for. It was a big month, not only for the amount of books I read, but because this site got a refresh! You’ll actually be able to tell when things changed (if you want to go sleuthing), by how I give the links in my book reviews. It’s incredibly exciting to be an affiliate, and any time you want to purchase something from the companies I’m lucky enough to represent? Feel free to return to my site and click away! It will keep me in book money mwahaha…

But without further ado, here’s some book review goodness:

A Most Efficient Murder: Anthony Slayton

The Parlour Game: Jennifer Renshaw

When Souls Tear: Karen Ginnane

To Wield a Crown: Helen Scheuerer

Carved Amidst the Shadows: M. T. Fontaine

Capturing the Devil: Kerri Maniscalco

These Twisted Bonds: Lexi Ryan

The Christie Affair: Nina de Gramont

And the August Favourite Read Goes To…

To Wield a Crown by Helen Scheuerer! No one who knows me will be surprised that I’m choosing this YA fantasy as my favourite read; Helen just knows how to captivate a reader and wring every emotion from them. In To Wield a Crown, we are given the intense finale to the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet… And I lived and breathed for these characters, my heart racing with every turn of the page. Hands down, it is my favourite August read.

And that’s a wrap, glitterbugs!

Happy reading, dear bookworms. And stay tuned for more reviews in September…

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