Beckoning of the Gate: Benjamin J. Ryan *Review*

Cover image of Beckoning of the Gate by Benjamin J. Ryan is in the center of an image of misty mountains. Added text says: Wights have heard the call of the key... Can Santha save everyone from this approaching doom?

Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 7 October 2021 | Series: The Vāyilian Threads | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 453 | Indie Author | Review

“You are not going to faint. You will not be the damsel in this story. Get. Up.”

Benjamin J. Ryan


Sometimes I need to savour a story, and Beckoning of the Gate by indie author Benjamin J. Ryan was one of them! This expansive world of wights, magick and darkness is a riveting read, with a young woman at the very heart of the tale…

In a small rural village, Santha is feeling suffocated by vicious rumours and innuendo. The community thinks that she has killed a respected man, and even her parents don’t know what to believe anymore. When Santha discovers a key in the forest, it seems like she might finally have some kind of power over her life and the choices before her… But does she? Wights have heard the call of the key, and are determined that this magick will not be left in Santha’s hands. With a growing army of fae and eldritch magick haunting her steps, Santha must discover the secrets of the key. But when she does, the ultimate choice will be before her: survival or sacrifice? Which path will she choose? The world is closing in, and a power unlike anything anyone’s seen for centuries is stirring…

Cover image of Beckoning of the Gate by Benjamin J. Ryan is to the bottom left of a slightly blurred image of mountains, trees and water at sunset. Added text: With the weight of the world on her shoulders, will Santha find the answers she needs? Or are the fae and unseelie too strong for Santha to take on?
Beckoning of the Gate is an absolutely riveting epic fantasy, and you need to read it!

Happiness Boost:

There are moments which remind me of R. A. Salvatore’s Icewind Dale Trilogy and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, because of the key’s magic and Madame Vorsha’s serene clarity. But what we get in Beckoning of the Gate is a magicked marble dog with catlike tendencies, a Broonie with a cake, and somehow a love of goats. As someone who’s rather ambivalent about goats, this epic fantasy is both different and wonderful!

Benjamin has made sure that we are thoroughly invested in Santha’s journey. It’s written so well, her difficult backstory and extreme loneliness can actually be *felt* through the pages. Even Biahnd, her dog, lures us in with the question of whether or not it was *right*, what Dandon did to create her. There are moral dilemmas, high emotion and a massive quest within Beckoning of the Gate and I’ve absolutely loved it!

Santha is reminded that ‘Seelie doesn’t mean benign’, and that not everything is as it seems. Sometimes stories like to give us a straightforward good v. evil battle… But I really like that even though there are outright villains, we also have a lot of complicated characters in this fantasy. And when you combine this with the heart of the plot? It’s a truly powerful story.


No downside, I’ve loved this first book in The Vāyilian Threads series!

Final Thoughts:

Beckoning of the Gate by Benjamin J. Ryan is an epic fantasy to either savour over a week, or devour in just a few sittings. There’s no let up in intrigue and the intensity builds to an exceptional crescendo… What’s not to love about that?! I honestly think if you love tales by Tolkien, Patrick Rothfuss and R. A. Salvatore? You will want this on your bookshelf asap. It’s just *that* good. Like what you’ve read here? Make sure you click the links below and order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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