Blossom and Bone: Mary E. Jung *Review*

Cover image of Blossom and Bone by Mary E. Jung is in the centre of an image of magical orange flowers. Added text: Who would frame a vegetation witch for murder?

Genres: Fantasy, Murder Mystery, Cosy Mystery | Release Date: 26 June 2022 | Series: The Libra Witch | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 358 | Indie Author | Review

“We all have a little divination in our souls, and even mortals can feel the pull of fate.”

Mary E. Jung


A huge thank you goes to breysbooktours and the author for giving me the chance to read Blossom and Bone, a murder mystery set in the world of magical fantasy! This wonderful tale made me feel like I was sitting with an old friend, it’s honestly been such a cosy escape from reality.

Amé is a vegetation witch, who sells all manner of plants and seeds to both mortal and magical people alike. But her crowning glory is the ability to cultivate and sell flower mates, with which people can discover their hidden desires and find out what true love really means. Amé’s neighbour, Xephriel, is a bone witch who struggles with the overwhelming emotions of others. Touching someone could mean his death, but when a spate of murders occurs and Amé’s life’s work is stolen, can Xephriel keep Amé safe? What is the purpose of stealing flower mates from Amé’s shop? And why are bodies piling up in a well?

Cover image of Blossom and Bone by Mary E. Jung is to the left of an image of a magical water lily, with sparkling light streaming above it. Added text: Can bone and plant magic combine to stop a serial killer?
Blossom and Bone is a cosy murder mystery set in a world full of magic and death…
The perfect combination!

Happiness Boost:

The premise of this cosy murder mystery is definitely a new one to me! The idea of flower mates is really unique, and I adore how Amé has such a big heart. If she didn’t care about others, so many people around her would’ve struggled to find true love. She’s like a real life fairy godmother, with a gift for looking into people’s hearts and soothing their souls. If I’m being honest, I wish we were all a little more like Amé!

Is it weird to call a side character a major happiness boost? Xephriel’s best friend, Noble, is an omni-grim. And what this means is that he’s one of the most powerful magic users someone could ever come across, and he’s feared by most. But Noble is such an eccentric, affable character. His high energy and enthusiasm for puzzles and bones had me laughing a number of times within Blossom and Bone… But never more so than when a skeleton named Mortimer just randomly starts hypothesising on murder clues with him!

Speaking of, let’s talk about a house full of bones, shall we? Xephriel’s magic is one of the most interesting parts to this murder mystery, so of course I’m going to talk about the bones surrounding him! He has his grandfather’s clavicle bone, after all. But different bones do different things, and the addition of bats, cats and wolves to his house are powerful protectors. The animation of a wolf’s bones as a guardian (hello, Arkon) makes me wish magic like this also existed in our world!


No downside, I think Blossom and Bone is a wonderful cosy mystery!

Final Thoughts:

Blossom and Bone by indie author Mary E. Jung is a thrilling cosy murder mystery, set in a world full of magic and death. And the great news doesn’t stop just yet, because there’s a sequel already out in the world! Am I going to be diving into it asap? Of course I am! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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