Court of Claws: Briar Boleyn *Review*

Cover image of Court of Claws by Briar Boleyn is in the centre of an image of a purple Victorian motif graphic. Added text: Morgan is surrounded by enemies...

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 30 June 2023 | Series: Blood of a Fae | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 409 | Indie Author | Review

“The Killing Throne. That’s what they call it.”

Briar Boleyn


Can you believe I haven’t talked about Court of Claws by indie author Briar Boleyn yet? It’s wrong, right?! This dark fantasy romance is the second instalment in the Blood of a Fae series, and quite honestly even *better* than book one. Have you ever been so hyped for a book that you can’t pause to review, you’re too immersed in the story to look away? That’s this series for me, glitterbugs. So let’s give you an overview, shall we?

When Morgan wakes after the events in Queen of Roses, she can’t help but struggle to reconcile her heart to the betrayal and loss she’s just experienced. But even worse? Now that Morgan’s at the whim of Kairos Draven in the court of the Siabra, she can’t seem to find her way back to her younger brother. Can Morgan find a way to persuade Draven to let her go? Why are so many in this court determined to hurt Morgan, when all she wants to do is leave? And just how does the Queen Regent’s plans play into everything?

Cover image of Court of Claws by Briar Boleyn is to the bottom left of an image of a purple Victorian motif graphic. Added text: Morgan is reeling from the worst betrayal... Can she find peace with Draven?
I *badly* need this series as physical copies, not just ebooks! Court of Claws is a spectacular read.

Happiness Boost:

This Arthurian reimagining just keeps getting better and better. Seriously! Briar doesn’t hold anything back with this second instalment; my heart was honestly racing as the danger continues to elevate around Morgan. And with the delicate balance of love and loyalty being tested, as Morgan must decide where she’s most needed? This is a masterful tale concentrating on the character of Morgan le Fay!

Within Court of Claws we get tropes I love, including enemies to lovers and found family. But you know what else we get, glitterbugs? Trials. Oh how I love trials in a tale, especially in a fantasy romance! They pummel the heart as sacrifices are made and devastating truths revealed. Combine that with a horrifying evil which threatens to destroy everything Morgan and Draven hold dear? You could *not* tear this book from my hands. It’s such an epic read!

I won’t lie, I had to revisit my notes to write this review. Do you know why? Because I’ve actually already raced through book three (Empress of Fae)! If that doesn’t give you an idea of just how much I love Briar’s writing, nothing will. Court of Claws gives us a terrifying leap into peril, with grief and love combining to make this a dizzying read. I love it so much. And couple that with comedic relief from characters like Hawl? This series needs to be higher up your TBR! What are you waiting for?!


I don’t have a downside, just a whole lot of love for this series!

Final Thoughts:

Court of Claws by indie author Briar Boleyn is a dark fantasy romance full of trials, monsters and an intense love which cannot be denied. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about reading the Blood of a Fae series? Let this be the sign for you to put it on your TBR! I adore this fantasy romance and need to talk to everyone about it! So I’m going to ask you again: what are you waiting for?! Just click on the link below to order your copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Court of Claws via this link: Amazon

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