Cutthroat Cupcakes: Cate Lawley *Review*

Cover of Cutthroat Cupcakes by Cate Lawley to the left side of the image, with halloween pumpkins and candles on the bottom of the surrounding image. Added text says: Who would choose a cursed cupcake topper as their murder weapon?

Genres: Cosy Mystery, Paranormal Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 21 July 2020 | Series: Cursed Candy Mysteries | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 262 | Indie Author | Review

“You are under arrest for the illegal sale and distribution of cursed candy.”

Cate Lawley


In Cutthroat Cupcakes, life had been so straightforward for Sophia, until the day she was arrested in her shop (Sticky Tricky Treats) for her cursed candy. This news comes out of the blue for Sophia, because she hadn’t even realised that it could be cursed! It turns out, Sophia’s a witch. Who knew? She sure didn’t! And Sophia’s cupcake toppers and candy sticks are the reason someone died.

Bastian (the wizard detective) gives her two options: be charged as an accessory to murder, or help him find the person who used a cursed cupcake topper to kill a man. Choosing Option B, Sophia is thrown in the deep end with Bastian and his two cohorts: Sabrina (a witch) and Miles (a warlock). Luckily, there’s caffeine aplenty on the way to solving this mystery, as Bastian owns a coffee store, Magic Beans. And while Bastian interviews suspects, it’s up to Sophia to determine the emotions behind their facades…

Cover of Cutthroat Cupcakes by Cate Lawley is to the right of the image, surrounded by a slightly blurred image of bat cupcakes. Added text says: Bite into this cosy candy mystery... (But don't trust the cupcake toppers).
Cate Lawley’s Cutthroat Cupcakes is a cosy paranormal mystery you can devour in one bite.

Happiness Boost:

I wanted a super cosy murder mystery, one which would make me feel lighter after reading it. Cutthroat Cupcakes more than delivered on that wish. I didn’t get an elongated explanation about the magic of this world, and I think that’s a good thing! Instead, I got to sit back and enjoy figuring out who could have used cursed candy to murder someone.

I absolutely adored the dry humour of Bastien, as well as the battle of wits that he and Sophia engage in. Apparently culinary cosy mysteries are a thing, and I think this was the perfect introduction to a fun sub-genre. Even better, I have the other two books (Twisted Treats and Fatal Fudge) in this Cursed Candy Mysteries series ready to go on my Kindle app! Once you find something good, it’s a no brainer to get the other books, right?


Fair warning, there is not (at least for me) a true downside to Cutthroat Cupcakes. My only downside was that I had a very big craving for cupcakes! Obviously not cursed ones, but who wouldn’t feel like a delicious cupcake after reading a story of candies and treats?

Final Thoughts:

I have been so delighted with Cutthroat Cupcakes and Cate Lawley’s writing. It was a perfect blend of cosiness, murder, and a whole bunch of paranormal and candy goodness. I fell in love with the quirky characters, the setting, and the entire premise of a candy topper (of all things) being a murder weapon. If you love cosy mysteries, or paranormal mysteries? Get this book, you won’t regret it!

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  1. OMG, me too. My pet peeve about reading food cozies is that I then want cupcakes, doughnuts or whatever other deliciousness they’ve been writing about!

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