Dance of Stars and Ashes: Nisha J. Tuli *Review*

Cover image of Dance of Stars and Ashes by Nisha J. Tuli is in the centre of an image of dark red and purple glitter. Added text: Can Zarya live with the dark & ancient magic within her?

Genres: Fantasy Romance, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 16 February 2024 | Series: The Nightfire Quartet | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 405 | Publisher: Second Sky | Review

“She would not become the thing everyone feared.”

Nisha J. Tuli


A massive thank you goes to Nisha J. Tuli and Second Sky Books for letting me dive into Dance of Stars and Ashes early, which is book two in The Nightfire Quartet fantasy romance series! Before you go any further, I *highly* recommend you check out my review for book one (Heart of Night and Fire), so you can see why it stole my heart. But now let’s get to the good stuff, right?! Here comes your overview…

Zarya’s newly unlocked power is immense, but that doesn’t mean she can trust the ancient magic within her. When Rabin appeared in her dreams and helped free Zarya from magical restraints, she thought there was something there between them. But in reality? Rabin is a warrior prince who acts like Zarya is beneath his notice, or worse, a spy for his father. Although determined to focus on saving her friends as demons gather around Dharati, Zarya aches for acceptance. Will she ever find it, while her magic calls to the darkness? How can anyone defeat the onslaught of demons now waging war against them? And why does everything in Zarya’s heart keep leading her back to Rabin?

Cover image of Dance of Stars and Ashesby Nisha J. Tuli is to the bottom left of an image of purple glitter. Added text: The demons are growing stronger as the war rages... Can Zarya and Rabin put an end to this darkness?
This sequel to Heart of Night and Fire is magic personified…

Happiness Boost:

Nisha’s exquisitely written fantasy romance once again delivers an epic world full of rich history, deadly magic and love. I’m telling you, if this hasn’t been on your TBR list? Do it right now. Seriously, I’ll wait while you jot it down! Nisha’s given us an absolute gift in terms of a unique story; I haven’t come across any other series like this one and that’s a HUGE happiness boost.

Glitterbugs… Dance of Stars and Ashes broke me. I called Nisha an evil genius and I stand by what I said. Zarya and Rabin have so much to learn in this second instalment, and it wasn’t without pain. Our heroine is desperate to be accepted, to be loved. But she’s hiding dark secrets, and Rabin has a whole bucketful himself. The pain that they’ve not only already faced in their past, but still need to endure as they fight the demons? Oh my heart. It was squeezed so tight, I struggled to breathe. I love how Nisha can wring every single emotion out of me, but the heartache I experienced from certain revelations? Evil. Genius.

The slow burn romance *finally* went to steamy goodness in Dance of Stars and Ashes, but this is clearly not the end of a series. So of course, there’s no straightforward HEA here just yet! But you know what’s great about that? The found family Zarya’s surrounded by, who’d protect her with their very last breath. No matter what, Zarya has love and acceptance from her core found family members. And although I’m *not* telling you I cried like a leaky faucet… Do with that image what you will. I love Nisha’s writing. Even when she does pulverise my heart and soul.


NO downside! Are you kidding?!

Final Thoughts:

Dance Of Stars and Ashes by Nisha J. Tuli is a fantasy romance which will enthral you with a spellbinding mixture of magic, love and a great evil. Do I need to rearrange my bookshelf once again, to make room for a physical copy of this wonderful story? You bet I do! But I will start hanging books from the ceiling before I say no to Nisha’s stories in a physical format. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on either of the links below to pre-order this incredible story! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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