Dawn of Chaos: Tiffany Lafleur *Review*

Cover image of Dawn of Chaos by Tiffany Lafleur is in the centre of an image of a meadow bathed in sunshine. Added text: Sora has now embraced who she is... But is it enough in this upcoming war?

Genres: YA Fantasy, Young Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 2 May 2023 | Series: The Sapeiro Chronicles | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 515 | Indie Author | Review

“This path is yours to walk, and yours alone.”

Tiffany Lafleur


A huge thank you has to go to breysbooktours and Tiffany Lafleur for letting me read the newly released Dawn of Chaos! This epic YA fantasy is the sequel to A Forgotten Past (you can read *that* review here), and so much has happened in Sapeiro…

Sora, who once went by Lily, now has all of her memories unlocked. She’s learned to embrace who she is, and is determined to bring about the downfall of Queen Amana. What’s more, the Sanctuary believes Sora is the key to saving the realm. But what happens if Sora’s magic isn’t actually as strong as everyone thinks? Can her sister Lenka come up with a plan to reduce the bloodshed in this upcoming war? And who will betray the Sanctuary’s plans, just as there’s a glimmer of hope?

Cover image of Dawn of Chaos by Tiffany Lafleur is in the bottom left of an image of a spooky fog filled meadow and forest. Added text: What happens if Sora's magic isn't as strong as everyone thinks? And who will betray the Sanctuary's plans?
Dawn of Chaos is a spectacular YA fantasy, full of epic struggles and unprecedented magic…

Happiness Boost:

Within Dawn of Chaos, we get substantial character growth. The arcs for Sora and her ragtag crew are both complex and enthralling; this is such a carefully constructed storyline and I love that! But another wonderful aspect about Tiffany’s writing is that she gives us plausible reasons for any given character’s actions… Because there’s nothing worse than when a character is stubborn and barges in to do something foolish, am I right?!

I can’t help it, I’m a huge fan of the tried and true plot device to overthrow an evil monarch! But even more impressive is that Tiffany has added in some extra wonderful plotlines to add depth and character to this overarching theme. If you think you know how magic came to be in Sapeiro, think again! It hurt my heart, but there are some massive shocks within A Forgotten Past and it kept me glued to the page.

This story is about so much more than just a normal good vs. evil battle, and just quietly I think that’s really important. Sora’s moral dilemma regarding the cost of using her powers is refreshing, especially considering how young she is even now in Dawn of Chaos. It’s not enough to have a powerful magic that can help overthrow the monarchy. We need to remember the *cost* to Sora’s soul and mental wellbeing. I love that Tiffany does this, and I wish more authors would!


No downside for me! I’ve loved this story just as much as the first one, and am so glad I got to read it.

Final Thoughts:

Dawn of Chaos by indie author Tiffany Lafleur is a YA fantasy full of epic struggles and unprecedented magic. How could anyone not fall in love with it?! Although I know this book has just released, I already want more! If you love the sound of this story from my review? Just click on the link below to order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Dawn of Chaos via this link: Amazon

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