Dream of Death City: P. J. Nwosu

Cover image of Dream of Death City by P. J. Nwosu is in the middle of a dark red splatter image. Added text says: 'What's dead is dead and all shall die...' Will Thora and Diem survive this investigation?

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy | Release Date: 18 November 2022 | Series: Red Kingdom | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 523 | Indie Author | Review

“A love story. Or a ghost story.
The threads tugged at Thora’s chest, growing stronger.”

P. J. Nwosu


I have been so lucky in e-ARCs lately! Thanks to the generosity of P. J. Nwosu, I received a copy of Dream of Death City, a dark and epic fantasy within the Red Kingdom. Once I began this story, I could hardly put it down! There’s a deep mystery to solve, a dark magic running rampant on the island, and a dangerous connection between Thora and Diem.

Within Dream of Death City, Thora is a Dust-Caste slave who dreams of freedom and agency. Diem is a demoted investigator, one who has everyone whispering in the shadows of past misconduct. In Death City, they must combine their knowledge to solve the mysterious disappearance of a Sun-Noble’s daughter. But can anyone locate Shea Sandin? Or will the death god continue to take from the people of the island? Thora is trying to break free, and the crooked heart begins to beat in her chest…

Cover image of Dream of Death City by P. J. Nwosu is to the bottom right of an image of black and grey coal, with a hint of red on some pieces. Added text says: The Red Kingdom won't let Thora forget she's a slave... But can she force her way to better things?
An intense journey of fantasy, legends and murder, Dream of Death City is a must read!

Happiness Boost:

It’s a veritable visual feast within Dream of Death City! Nwosu gives us pale moths that fly near the dead, and a dead god’s red heart which continues to claim miner’s lives. There’s actually so much that is macabre within the city, I kept getting a chill down my spine! It completely pulls you in and overwhelms the reader’s senses, so that all you can see is this city, and this harsh existence. How could it not be a happiness boost?!

There is *so* much tension and secrecy between Thora and Diem, it is an intense journey! Nothing good can come of a union between a slave and a Moon-Caste citizen, but it doesn’t stop them dreaming. And my heart was in my throat for much of the story, fearing for their lives and their happiness. Plus, with Thora aching for freedom from the rules strictly imposed upon those of her class, I just wanted her to catch a break. You will have to read the book to find out if she does, but I can promise that Dream of Death City takes a hold of your imagination and doesn’t let go!

This dark fantasy felt like the perfect mixture of murder mystery, fantasy and grim fairytale magic. I adored getting snippets of the Red Kingdom’s bloody history, and an insight into how superstitions can become something more in the outlying areas of the realm. I think if you like stories by A. G. Slatter, Anna K. Moss or Katt Powers? Dream of Death City is for you!


No downside, I loved this book!

Final Thoughts:

Dream of Death City by P. J. Nwosu is an incredible dark fantasy. I *love* how seamlessly the fantasy and murder mystery genres can combine in a tale like this one! It will make you cheer for the downtrodden, even as you plot the downfall of the Red Kingdom’s hierarchy. And that’s a pretty special power to have! If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. It’s been an incredible ride with Thora and Diem, and I can’t wait to read more of their story as soon as possible! If you love the sound of this dark fantasy from what I’ve written here? Make sure you click a link below and pre-order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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