Either Side of Midnight: Benjamin Stevenson *Review*

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Genres: Murder Mystery, Crime Thriller, Suspense | Release Date: 1 September 2020 | Series: Jack Quick | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 326 | Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia | Review

“I love you. Forgive me. Change the channel.”

Benjamin Stevenson


When I got the chance to read Either Side of Midnight by Benjamin Stevenson, I thought I knew how this murder mystery would go. I’d read (and loved) Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone, so surely I’d be able to spot some tells in this earlier work and deduce the murderer, right? If you’re currently laughing at me, you’re not alone. In hindsight, I also don’t know why I thought I could brazenly Miss Marple my way through it! But let’s give you an overview before I go much further…

When Sam Midford starts talking on his TV show, Midnight Tonight, the crew think his unusual display of nerves is from the thought of proposing to his girlfriend live on air. But then he pulls out a gun and dies by suicide, in front of everyone at the station and an audience of millions. Sam’s twin (Harry) is determined to prove that his brother was murdered, but how can anyone believe him when the evidence is there for all to see? Can he convince a disgraced Jack Quick to find out the truth, despite Jack’s belief that it’s a wild goose chase? And if there really is more to this story, is Jack putting himself in danger by investigating?

Either Side of Midnight is a murder mystery you can’t put down!
The wolf from Sweet May Dreams kept me company every step of the way.

Happiness Boost:

I’m going straight into these happiness boosts with the one that broke my heart; is that wrong? Probably! Regardless, at the core of Either Side of Midnight is the family nucleus. And without giving away specifics, I want to tell you right now that the way Harry remembers his family made me cry. I know, on some level, what it’s like to refuse to leave memories and familial objects in the past. And my heart broke for him that this is all Harry has left of them. This murder mystery makes you a part of a complicated relationship, and with a surprise coming out of nowhere? It’s one you will feel right down to your bones. Of course that’s a happiness boost!

Everyone has a secret in Either Side of Midnight, and I love that as we go further down the rabbit hole, the mysteries slowly start to unravel. Some are innocuous, some are deadly. But we don’t know which is which until Benjamin is good and ready to make us gasp in surprise! It sounds silly, but I really did gasp. I couldn’t help it and this is a no-judging zone, thank you very much. Suffice to say, this murder mystery is incredible!

You know what I actually enjoyed most about this tale? How Benjamin doesn’t shy away from sensitive, serious topics about physical and mental health within Either Side of Midnight. It influences every page and every character. I would say this is a story everyone who loves murder mysteries needs to read, but you may need to exercise caution if topics such as eating disorders and self-harm impact your own wellbeing. Personally? I found it incredibly refreshing to read a story which discusses these topics, without feeling the need to sugar-coat how hard the journey can be.


I don’t have a downside, I truly enjoyed every moment of this book!

Final Thoughts:

Either Side of Midnight by Benjamin Stevenson is a brilliant murder mystery delving into a world of terrible secrets and devastating love. Truthfully I didn’t even realise there’s a book set prior to this (Greenlight) concerning Jack, so you know it’s good when I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy of this beauty! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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