Enchantment of Darkness: Shana J. Caldwell *Review*

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Genres: YA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 16 March 2021 | Series: Enchanted | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 239 | Indie Author | Review

“Old wounds never really heal. And if they do, it’s never the same.”

Shana J. Caldwell


Enchantment of Darkness by Shana J. Caldwell was hiding in my TBR book fort for a while, but I finally read it! I’m either a slow bookworm or my TBR stacks have got away from me; if I’m being honest, it’s probably the latter. This YA fantasy romance was a wonderful escape from reality, and I’m so excited to tell you why! But first, let me give you an overview of the story…

Ravynne Morgan lives in a village with her family, still haunted by her sister’s death. When Ravynne discovers that she’s a seer, it’s a struggle to keep this knowledge hidden from everyone… But if she doesn’t and the ruthless faerie king discovers her power? Her life would be forfeit. With children getting murdered, Ravynne and Nyx (the faerie king’s son) must work together to find and destroy the evil tearing her community apart. But can they stop this darkness before it takes Ravynne’s young brother? Is it wise to trust a faerie’s promise? And what is the cost Ravynne must pay to ensure everyone’s safety?

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Enchantment of Darkness is a bewitching YA fantasy romance…
The autumnal dragon by Dirty Paws Australia was just as riveted as I was!

Happiness Boost:

Enchantment of Darkness started out slow, but oh my goodness did it ramp up to incredible levels of excitement and danger! Shana has given us a wonderfully inventive and unique story, with a sinister evil ready to devour everything good in Ravynne’s world. It’s a great escape from reality, with a YA fantasy plot so many bookworms will fall madly in love with; there’s darkness, faeries and terrible magic afoot… What’s not to love?!

I already knew I was enjoying this book, but when even a goat (yes an *actual* goat) can make me feel emotions? What kind of sorcery is this?! Shana gives us so many different bonds of love and family in Enchantment of Darkness and I was feeling so much for every single one of them. I also loved how accurately Ravynne’s younger brother (Kalin) is portrayed – he hates having his hand held because ‘that was for girls apparently’. I have to be honest, I indelicately snorted when I first read that sentence. But how could I not laugh?

There’s some very deep events and conversations within Enchantment of Darkness. Amongst others, this YA fantasy romance alludes to suicide. Although a difficult topic, I appreciate that this story doesn’t hide the reader from how grief or other factors can compel someone to seek a way out. It’s a gentle reminder that we all have a breaking point… And sometimes you need someone to help save you from drowning.


Like I said, Enchantment of Darkness starts out a bit slow. But persevere dear glitterbugs, because this story packs a punch and it is *so* good!

Final Thoughts:

Enchantment of Darkness by indie author Shana J. Caldwell is such a riveting YA fantasy romance. I had wanted to read something with a difference, and this story delivered! In even better news, book two (Enchantment of Thorns) is now out in the world, so I can dive into the next instalment straight away. Or, more realistically, when the TBR fort isn’t going to bury me under its colossal amount of stories. But this book has certainly ensured I’ll be reading more of Shana’s work; I am so excited to add another name to my indie author list of goodness. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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