The Fabric of Chaos: Helen Scheuerer *Review*

Cover of The Fabric of Chaos book on the right side of the picture, with a dark blue background, small flowers and dragonfly surrounding it. Added text says: Let chaos and cyrens reign...

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 21 April 2022 | Series: Curse of the Cyren Queen | Series Book: #3 | Indie Author | Review

“Rohesia’s song would bring the world to its knees once more…”

Helen Scheuerer


When I was given an e-ARC of The Fabric of Chaos, I thought I knew what was coming. I know just how incredible Helen Scheuerer is with her storytelling, so how could it get any better? Oh, let me count the ways…

The Fabric of Chaos is the third instalment in the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet. So yes, I know for you to love this book as much as I do, you’ll need to buy the first two books in the series (A Lair of Bones & With Dagger and Song). But trust me, it’s SO worth it. This is a *phenomenal* epic YA fantasy.

Cover of The Fabric of Chaos book on the left side of the picture, with blue butterflies and tiny mushrooms as a background around it. Added text says: Dive into chaos and don't look back... If you read only one book this year, make it this one.
Helen Scheuerer’s The Fabric of Chaos is the best read of 2022 so far…
Dive into the epic YA fantasy chaos with me.

In The Fabric of Chaos, Rohesia (our heroine), is still on her quest to win the cyren throne. Although wiser and more determined than ever to gain the throne she rightfully earned in A Lair of Bones, Roh has been dealt so many blows already. How many more hits can she take? The tasks Roh’s been set are only getting harder, and nature is also throwing everything it has in her path. With poison coursing through her body from Adriel’s test, Roh is on borrowed time…

Happiness Boost:

What I loved about The Fabric of Chaos was that Helen fully submerged us in this epic world, giving us even more complexity with her flawed and real characters. Every step along the journey is so very perilous, the ragtag group of companions Roh has about her may not survive this quest. And truthfully? While that’s awful when you love the characters, I adore that Helen doesn’t shy away from the realities of danger and war.

I also enjoyed the extra world-building and depth that Helen continues to add with each successive book in this series. While it’s called The Fabric of Chaos, Helen deftly weaves us into the magic of her Cyren Queen quartet. With a Queen of fantasy at the helm, the only true chaos was in my heart, when I was trying to read super fast to see how the book ended!

Helen has embraced big themes in this epic fantasy. But she hasn’t forgotten how to give us poignant moments within The Fabric of Chaos. And those moments? They pierce your heart with their realness. The Fabric of Chaos delivers everything you could want (and more).


There is no downside! Seriously!

Final Thoughts:

My heart was in my throat while I read The Fabric of Chaos. I couldn’t sleep, I hated to look up from the pages, and I may have cried a few times. Whether that was from sadness, joy, or even both emotions, I’m not saying. Helen’s writing has stolen my heart and I don’t even want it back. I just want to linger in this realm with Rohesia, our troubled, beautifully chaotic cyren, who tries so hard to do the right thing. Helen Scheuerer is truly one of the best authors you will ever come across. And if you love epic YA fantasy? Buy this book (currently up as a preorder) and the ones before it. Embrace the turbulent seas of the Curse of the Cyren Queen.

You can preorder via my Amazon link: The Fabric of Chaos

Don’t have the first two books in the series?

Just click on the following links to get your copies today:

A Lair of Bones | With Dagger and Song

8 Responses

    1. Yaaaay dive into it with me! We can fangirl together I promise! I’m so glad you loved the review, that means the world to me ♥

    1. Thank you so much Nathan! I am so excited after reading this beautiful book to see how it will all end for Roh – big things are happening in The Fabric of Chaos that’s for sure! ♥

  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I genuinely want to read her books now and may go and add it to my kindle for entertainment over these weeks. Mwah, Jo xx

    1. That’s so, so exciting to hear Jo, you’ve made my day! I can promise you that Helen’s writing is phenomenal, so if you love fantasy you are in the best of hands! ♥

  2. Sooooo, you’re saying it’s a good book and worth reading? 😅
    Nicely written review from an obvious fan girl. 😁

    1. Haha well, reading between the lines… Thank you so much Simon!
      I adore Helen’s writing. She’s one of my all time favourite authors. ♥

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