Fatal Fudge: Cate Lawley *Review*

Cover of Fatal Fudge by Cate Lawley is to the right of a dark image of chocolates in a silver pot, and a delicious chocolate ball on a spoon beneath the book's image. Added text says: Magic keeps getting Lina in trouble, and mind control fudge can be fatal...

Genres: Cosy Mystery, Paranormal Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 9 October 2020 | Series: Cursed Candy Mysteries | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 181 | Indie Author | Review

“A lack of homicide shouldn’t be a bonus. It should be the norm.”

Cate Lawley


Fatal Fudge by Cate Lawley gave me such a lift, during a week when I wasn’t at my best. Having already read Cutthroat Cupcakes and Twisted Treats in this Cursed Candy Mysteries, I knew I was going to have a fun time with Lina and the other characters once again!* This time, the cosy mystery centers around Lina’s magic fudge that makes the consumer *very* persuadable. Surely it’s only a matter of time before someone is persuaded to commit a murder?

Lina teams up with her partner Bastian, friends Sabrina and Miles, and her Great-Aunt Sophia to track down the person using her fudge for all the wrong reasons. A spanner is thrown in the works though, when the ‘Wicked Wizard of Germany’ (aka Bastian’s grandmother) decides to visit. Everyone is telling Lina that things are about to go wrong… But wouldn’t it be nice if they could go right, just for once? And will Lina and Bastian finally get time to just be together, without magic going awry?

The cover of Fatal Fudge by Cate Lawley is to the left of a graphic design of grey ghosts on a black background. Added text says: Lina's fudge is causing mayhem, and now she has to try and find out who has the rest of it... Because the next victim could be a dead one.
Fatal Fudge by Cate Lawley is a deliciously delightful end to the Cursed Candy Mysteries trilogy!

Happiness Boost:

Fatal Fudge isn’t a book where you have to think super hard about what you’re reading. In fact, all I had to do was follow the crumbs of fudge and mischief! And who doesn’t love a fun, light read? I think they’re amazing, and honestly this cosy mystery was the perfect antidote to the chaos going on in the world right now. Sometimes we just need a break from heartache, am I right? Yes, yes I am.

Family dynamics are always fun to explore, and Cate has certainly enjoyed threading family throughout the last Cursed Candy Mysteries book! And it’s great when you have older relations coming into the mix, because I feel like they’re the ones most likely to be a little more quirky, a little more interesting. I don’t want to give anything away, but I promise you… Just when you think you have an idea of what Great-Aunt Sophia, as well as Bastian’s grandmother, are capable of? They’re going to surprise you!


I will be honest, there was a continuity error…

Lina and Bastian know that a certain someone has magic powers. Lina even says that this person is a witch. *But* in the very next chapter? Miles says that this person isn’t a witch. And no one says otherwise… Even though Bastian had even shown this person his badge, proclaiming his jurisdiction over people with magic.

Now normally, I can be pretty flexible about errors that may pop up in a book. But this was a pretty big deal, or at least for me it was. Absolutely everything else about the story was wonderful, so I was a tad disappointed that this issue makes Fatal Fudge a 4 star read for me.

Final Thoughts:

Fatal Fudge by Cate Lawley was a perfect end to the story arc of these characters. While there are obviously books that have come after this, in which we can visit our favourites once again, they won’t take the spotlight any more. So to end with closure about certain things? My heart was so happy. And with the promise of more magical adventures, for others who come into the area? Cate has made sure readers who love a cosy mystery are going to be both thrilled and delighted! And possibly hungry, if the other books also focus on delicious treats… But I am more than willing to stock up on chocolate before I venture down this path again; I’m very selfless like that. If you enjoy a cosy mystery? A book of magic and mouthwatering fudge? Make sure you get Fatal Fudge now!

You can order via my Amazon link: Fatal Fudge

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