Feral is the Beast: Nisha J. Tuli *Review*

Cover image of Feral is the Beast by Nisha J. Tuli is in the centre of a dark autumn image of leaf litter. Added text: Can Vespera escape the Feral King?

Genres: Fantasy Romance, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 20 March 2024 | Series: Cursed Captors | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 186 | Indie Author | Review

“Help him. I’d rather die.”

Nisha J. Tuli


A massive thank you goes to the incredible Nisha J. Tuli for letting me read an ARC of Feral is the Beast! This fantasy romance novella is technically book two of the Cursed Captors series, but as each book can be read as a standalone, please don’t worry if you haven’t yet read Wicked is the Reaper. Now before I get too excited with my review, let’s give you an overview!

Vespera has been hiding her magic for years, trying to escape a past which has haunted her centuries-long life. Refusing to ever be used again by corrupt royals, Vespera’s content to simply be known for her apothecary skills, rather than her witchcraft. But everything changes when the Feral King kidnaps her from her store. Desperate for her help, the king even tries to torture her into compliance when she will not be swayed. Will the Feral King break Vespera in his desperation? Is a revealed secret the key to winning the witch’s assistance? And what happens if witch and beast find their forced proximity turns up the heat?

Cover image of Feral is the Beast by Nisha J. Tuli is to the bottom left of an image of a dark forest. Added text: Being tortured is not the way to this witch's heart... Why does the Feral King need her help so badly?
The feminine rage is strong in this fantasy romance and I love it!

Happiness Boost:

This novella may, obviously, be small in terms of page numbers… But Nisha has absolutely packed it with angst, heat and a fierce feminine rage! I devoured Feral is the Beast, even though I was trying so hard to linger and savour the story. But honestly how could I not race through it, when Vespera and Ferran are scorching the pages with their delicious back and forth battle?!

I love the idea that each of Vespera’s tattoos are imbued with magic. And her power? It’s like a bottomless pit, let’s be honest! But even with this kind of immense force, I’m so glad that Nisha doesn’t give us an easy fix for the Feral King’s problem. Ferran and Vespera need to find a way to work together, and a solution can’t be procured by simply waving a figurative magic wand. This fantasy romance packs a punch and I’m so in love with Nisha’s writing.

Although you don’t need to read Wicked is the Reaper, those who have will be delighted to have characters from there mentioned in this second instalment of the Cursed Captors series. I mean, the reasons aren’t exactly a happy one, but I loved getting more detail regarding events from the first book! I don’t want to give away spoilers for anything though, so I’ll leave it there. Don’t mind me glitterbugs, I’m just completely fangirling over here. Like usual!


No downside for me, I love this gorgeous NA fantasy romance!

Final Thoughts:

Feral is the Beast by indie author Nisha J. Tuli is a fantasy romance novella full of intense heat and feminine rage. Will I be getting myself a hardcover copy of this gorgeous tale as soon as I possibly can? Of course! Nisha is an auto-buy author for me, and this tale is just another reason why I won’t even hesitate. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to pre-order this incredible story! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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