Flames of Mars: Tjalara Draper *Review*

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Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy | Release Date: 19 September 2020 | Series: Celestial Shifters | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 344 | Indie Author | Review

“This wasn’t natural. She wasn’t natural.”

Tjalara Draper


Flames of Mars, the second book in the Celestial Shifters series by Tjalara Draper, is actually even better than the first (Shards of Venus)! In fact, I raced through this intense paranormal urban fantasy in just two days. But who wouldn’t, when lives are on the line and our favourite characters are in turmoil?!

Violet’s just become a mother and, although still reeling from the revelations that came in the first book, she must look to the future for her family. Meanwhile both Thane and Nathan are trapped on an island in a gladiator arena, constantly forced to fight for their lives while they try to find a way to escape…

Things soon go even more terribly, dreadfully wrong when Violet’s child is kidnapped; Violet and her friends must find a way to retrieve her baby daughter, but will they be able to? Death and betrayal are intertwined in Flames of Mars, and there are even more shifters in play now. Who will survive? Who will win? And what might happen to Nathan, whose shifts are now akin to a death sentence?

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Flames of Mars builds to such extreme heights in this paranormal fantasy series!
The galaxy dragon by Dirty Paws Australia complements the theme ♥

Happiness Boost:

We get even more shifters in Flames of Mars, along with explanations about how their races work and something new: spangles. Apparently, if Sagan’s grandfather gets all of the spangles (ten of them to be exact, one for each race of shifter), he could rule the worlds. Yep, I said worlds. It’s not just earth that’s in trouble! I really love that things become more elaborate in this second book, building on the foundation of the Shards of Venus.

There are grey characters within these pages, and although it’s tricky to know whether I love or hate them, I really do enjoy that Tjalara doesn’t give us just the traditional good vs. evil! People aren’t usually completely good or bad, and characters like Nika make me pay attention to what I’m reading.

I love that I wasn’t given just Violet’s story, that we continue to know Nathan’s as well. He’s still just as interesting as ever and I desperately want to know how his story ends! I know he feels regret for how he handled things with Violet, but I really believe Nathan did the best he could at the time. It was a big happiness boost to see them find a way forward, even though nothing is truly repaired just yet.


I came to the end of the book. That was my downside. I know Tjalara has another book (Nika) out, but for the next one in this series? I just have to hold my horses and wait! Thorns of Neptune, I’m ready whenever you are. Just so you know.

Final Thoughts:

Flames of Mars by Tjalara Draper is such a brilliant paranormal fantasy read! I loved diving back into the lives of these characters, and my heart was racing as I turned each page. Even without the shifter side of things, this beautiful second book in the Celestial Shifters series has packed so much emotion and excitement in it! I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself once again in the world Tjalara has created… And I am super excited to see what comes next!

You can order via my Amazon link: Flames of Mars

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