Flight of a Thousand Embers: P. N. Vang *Review*

Cover image of Flight of a Thousand Embers by P. N. Vang is in the centre of a night image of logs on fire, and rising sparks. Added text: Will forbidden magic rise again?

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 16 May 2023 | Series: The Epidmauri Saga | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 511 | Indie Author | Review

“If we obtain the west, we will obtain it as a land of corpses...”

P. N. Vang


A huge thank you has to go to debut indie author P. N. Vang for letting me read an e-ARC of Flight of a Thousand Embers! This story has everything you could ever want in a NA fantasy, featuring magic, forbidden love and a terrible curse. Tell me you wouldn’t want to read that?!

Within the kingdom of Argotra, magic is forbidden. The epidmauri (magic users) are called god imitators, and face exile or death if they’re discovered. Having always dreamed of being a warrior, Narwin’s fear of her storm magic being found out has recently forced her onto a new path. Yet when a corpse is found in the woods, with a lingering magic surrounding it? Narwin must find answers to a growing threat within the kingdom. Although she’s aided by Splenor, a fiery epidmauri, Narwin knows she’s running out of time… Because Emperor Doroxau has declared war on Argotra, and soon the world order will fall. Can Narwin fight for her freedom and embrace who she really is? Will her friend, Guy Renzell, see the error of his ways before the end? Or can Princess Rayla of the Zide Empire stop this war before it’s begun, by breaking a terrible curse?

Cover image of Flight of a Thousand Embers by P. N. Vang is to the bottom left of an image of embers and sparks within a log. Added text: War is coming... Can Narwin embrace who she really is?
This amazing NA Fantasy will stay with you, long after you’ve read the last page…

Happiness Boost:

Within Flight of a Thousand Embers, we’re given a redemption arc of *epic* proportions. I had immediately disliked Guy’s character, because he was overwhelmingly arrogant and I didn’t see how that could change anytime soon. But with a little bit of author magic, Vang has given us an unlikely hero! And I love those types most of all! Writing a flawed character isn’t actually an easy thing to do, but it seems effortless here. And although I won’t go into any spoilers, I will tell you prepare to be amazed by this fellow. Because who knew he could be one of the good ones?!

This NA fantasy has the best of both worlds, in terms of fantasy writing. We get tried and true plot devices, like a cursed weapon. But we also get so much more… There are shadow sprites who can turn into something unexpected, and magic which reacts so differently within this realm. Paladins also play a big part in this adventure, and it has been a *long* time since I’ve read something like this beautiful tale. It is such an epic fantasy, with an intriguing and complex plot at its very heart.

In Flight of a Thousand Embers we also get multiple POVs, but it isn’t chaotic. You know how some stories get jumbled if there are too many main characters? Vang doesn’t do that to us. Instead, we get a nuanced story, full of pain, quiet hope, and dreams that just won’t die. Of course I love it. This story hit me in my heart and I couldn’t be happier about that. Does this mean I have another one-click author on my hands here? YES!


There’s no downside for Flights of a Thousand Embers, but I wish I had the sequel at my fingertips right now!

Final Thoughts:

Flight of a Thousand Embers by debut indie author P. N. Vang is a NA fantasy adventure you *won’t* want to miss. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! I have found a new and enchanting land to wander through, and I can’t wait to come back to it again and again. If you like the sound of this tale from my review? You can click on the link below to pre-order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order Flight of a Thousand Embers via this link: Amazon

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