Heart of Flame: Kate Schumacher *Review*

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Genres: New Adult, Fantasy, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 14 November 2022 | Series: The Fires of Aileryan | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 536 | Indie Author | Review

“What will you give, daughter of fire?”

Kate Schumacher


I am eternally grateful that, thanks to the generosity of Kate Schumacher, I was given an e-ARC of Heart of Flame! This NA fantasy brings us to the end of an adventure that started in Shadow of Fire, and it was everything I could ever want.* I had actually wanted to pace myself with this read, but it just isn’t possible when a book is written this well… Instead, I raced through the words and I have no regrets!

In Heart of Flame, the Queen of Merawuld is still held hostage by Gedeon, the power hungry High Mage. Ash and Senan are in hiding while they plan their next step, and Kiarda is gaining control over the fae lands, despite Mahelivar’s attempts to break free. Elsewhere, Jarlath is a prisoner and Thalion’s plans for a coup against his father relies on Laeli. What will it take for everyone’s plans to work against a three pronged attack? Is there any hope or are they doomed already? Power is running rampant as the wheel continues to turn…

Cover image of Heart of Flame by Kate Schumacher is to the bottom right of an image of logs on fire. Added text says: The wheel is turning... Will everyone survive the powers now swirling throughout the world? Can anyone win a battle on three fronts?
Heart of Flame by Kate Schumacher lit embers in my soul… This NA fantasy is a must read for 2022!

Happiness Boost:

Honestly where do I begin?! I think this was my problem last time, too…

There were so many threads to this story’s tapestry, and every single one of them was a vibrant colour. Kate builds so much tension into Heart of Flame I would’ve held my breath forever, if my body hadn’t worked on autopilot! As the noose tightened, inch by inch, I was a captive audience to everything that unfolded. This is epic writing at its magical best.

Kate had a lot of characters and POVs to juggle in this story, but it was so elegantly done. I also love that certain events dictated we saw more of what was inside these characters, right down to their fiery, gritty core. It’s not enough to see what someone is like when they have hope. It’s when they’re broken that you truly see what someone is made of; to endure is a victory.

In Heart of Flame, we’re given huge catastrophic moments and big revelations. But Kate also gives us hilarious banter, moments of sweetness and a cute fox Lasair which I wanted to pick up and cuddle. It’s a rambling addition to my happiness boosts, but seriously… It’d be easier to say what Kate didn’t give us than what she did! So much happens, and the only thing Kate doesn’t do to us is deliver a bad story. I’m in awe. And I’m so very in love with Heart of Flame.


Are you kidding? There’s nothing to hate here! It’s all big, big love from me.

Final Thoughts:

Heart of Flame by Kate Schumacher is an exceptional NA fantasy of epic proportions. This is honestly one of the best sequels you will ever get in a duology! I’m incredibly sad that it’s the end of our adventures with Ash and company, but Kate has left no stone unturned in giving us something fantastic. If you love a world of magic, uneasy alliances and brave heroines? You need this book (and Shadow of Fire)! Go pre-order Heart of Flame now via the links below, I can promise you won’t be sorry! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order Heart of Flame via this link: Amazon

* You can check out my review for the first book here: Shadows of Fire: Kate Schumacher

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