Isle of the Immortal: S. M. Estrada *Review*

Cover image of Isle of the Immortal by S. M. Estrada is in the centre of a dark image of stalks against a moody sky. Added text: Shailin must venture into the Immortal realm, to save her dying brother...

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 22 March 2022 | Standalone | Pages: 320 | Indie Author | Review

“In eternal darkness, the monsters are permanently out to play.”

S. M. Estrada


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and S. M. Estrada for letting me read Isle of the Immortal, a standalone NA fantasy romance! Although I love reading series, there’s something to be said for a complete story within one novel. And with a tale like this one, of darkness, anticipatory grief and an intense love? Readers are in for such a treat!

When Shailin promised to do anything to save her dying brother, she had no idea her mother would send her into the Immortal realm. But now Shailin is plunged into a land of darkness, with only the promise of a cure keeping her moving. She must find the Vampire King, and ensure he fulfils the life debt owed to her family. But this is a dying land, for without the Faerie Queen, the King’s power can’t replenish the realm. When Shailin meets Axton, she makes a bargain with him to take her to the castle. But can she trust a masked vigilante, who keeps his secrets close to his chest? Is it even possible to save Shailin’s brother? And what happens when the truth of the Immortal’s dark realm is laid bare?

Cover image of Isle of the Immortal by S. M. Estrada is to the bottom left of a darkened image of stalks against a moody sky. Added text: Her last hope is to find the Vampire King and petition his aid... But will the vigilante Axton upset all of Shailin's plans?
Isle of the Immortal is a tale of grim darkness, grief and a love determined to shine…

Happiness Boost:

Estrada has given us a mysterious new realm, full of illusions and darkness. There are creatures within Isle of the Immortal we rarely see in other tales, as well as the thrilling tale of an escaped Faerie Queen… It’s such a vibrant world, and I really want to live in it! Would I last more than a day or two? I doubt it. But what a realm to get lost in, am I right? I know this is a standalone tale, but I’d be more than happy to come back again and again to the Vampire King’s domain.

Although it’s fairly easy to guess where this fantasy romance is headed, the journey itself is *spectacular*. Shailin comes face to face with her worst fears, and must stare them down if she is to save her brother, Hendron. With the lore of the Immortal realm playing a part she never could’ve imagined, this is a tale of courage against all odds. How could I pass that up?!

There’s a sweetness to Isle of the Immortal which I haven’t read for a while, and it’s all thanks to the dynamic between Shailin and Axton. With a morally grey MC, who can easily become a favourite book boyfriend of readers everywhere, and a valiant heroine who would go to the ends of the earth for love? I fell head over heels for this NA fantasy. I actually wish the book could be longer than it is, because I didn’t want to come to the end!


I have no downside, I adore this beautiful book!

Final Thoughts:

Isle of the Immortal by indie author S. M. Estrada is an exciting standalone fantasy romance, full of darkness and intense love. This divine tale is certainly the one to read when you want to enter the land of faerie, with a masked hero and a heroine willing to go to the ends of the earth for love. If you love the sound of this beautiful book from my review? Just click on any of the links below to get yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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