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Welcome to my January Book Goals of 2023! And happy New Year dear glitterbugs, I truly hope that this is a year of gentleness, kindness and lots of bookish fun for all of us. It’s my first time blogging at the start of a year, so I guess it’s also time to write about my overall book goal, isn’t it? It’s pretty ambitious, because I want to reduce my physical TBR book fort/throne to a much smaller pile than what it is currently… But we’ll see at the end of the year if I’ve worked a miracle and achieved that!

What’s on the TBR list?

I’m being sneaky and adding in Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher here, even though I finished it as a buddy read in late December. But as I haven’t had the chance to shout about it yet (and I *really* want to), make sure you stick around for that! Aside from that, below is a rather hefty TBR list for my January Book Goals…

  • Nettle and Bone: T. Kingfisher
  • Blood & Steel: Helen Scheuerer
  • Daughter of Darkness: Katharine & Elizabeth Corr
  • Sorcery of Thorns: Margaret Rogerson
  • The Twisted Ones: T. Kingfisher
  • A Mirror Mended: Alix E. Harrow
  • These Grimm Fates: K. E. Barden
  • House of Earth and Blood: Sarah J. Maas
  • Immortal Cells: Tyrolin Puxty
  • Pandora: Susan Stokes Chapman
  • Void and Valor: Ryver Knight

Anticipated Releases:

There are a number of anticipated releases this January, so I’m going to dot point these beauties and you can mark their release dates on your calendar!

  • 3rd: The Stolen Heir: Holly Black
  • 10th: The House in the Pines: Ana Reyes
  • 19th: Rise and Reverence: Rebecca Camm
January Book Goals wouldn't be complete without January Anticipated Releases! 3 images of books are superimposed over a white, bright image of white flowers and summery goodness. The three books are: The Stolen Heir by Holly Black, The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes, and Rise and Reverence by Rebecca Camm.
Three very exciting January releases to add to your TBR list…

The House in the Pines is Ana Reyes’ debut novel, in the suspenseful murder mystery genre. It sounds like it is going to be a page turner and we all know I love those! And thanks to being a lucky e-ARC reader, I can already promise you that Rise and Reverence by Rebecca Camm is one which fantasy lovers are going to adore with their whole heart! Don’t believe me? Read my review here.

Happy reading, glitterbugs! I hope you achieve all of your own January Book Goals, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon…

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  1. I’ve already added more books to my TBR collection so at the moment my only goal is to read more books than last year 😊

  2. A TBR book fort sounds amazing – lol. The House in the Pines sounds right up my alley – thanks for sharing these books and I wish you a successful reading year! Now, I know you don’t need this, but I hope you don’t mind if I share my favorite thriller read of 2023 so far with you (I think you’ll enjoy it). It’s called “Assumed” by MHR Geer (https://mhrgeer.com/) and it’s one of those fast-paced reads you can finish in a weekend (I say this from experience) – so you don’t have to worry about the fort getting bigger. The main character, Anne, goes to visit her friend Sandy in Saint Martin; summoned very last minute with few details as to why, other than that she’s in trouble. Upon arrival she finds she has to explore the island alone as Sandy is conveniently “busy” all day and she comes across a very helpful and handsome American man annnnd a mysterious sexy Brit. Anne has stepped into what seems like a fairytale until she finds out her friend has been murdered and she’s the prime suspect. She receives an email from her friend Sandy from “beyond the grave” that simply says “Find the Money. Take it and Run” (oooo I just gave myself goosebumps again). Lol. You will never expect the twists and turns in this book, I assure you. Highly recommend it! Happy Reading and I just added The House in the Pines to my very small TBR pile (wink wink). Thanks again

    1. Completely my pleasure, I’m so glad you found another book to add to the TBR pile! And thank you so very much for the book rec, it sounds amazing 😍 Plus how can I turn down an MC with the name Anne? πŸ˜‰πŸ€—πŸ’œ

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