Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales: Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington *Review*

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Genres: Fantasy, Fairytale | Release Date: 4 April 2024 | Standalone | Pages: 352 | Publisher: New Dawn | Review

“Nothing is ever what it seems in the world of faery.”

Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington


It’s been such a privilege to dive into Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales, a wondrous collection of perilous faery stories as reimagined by Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington! A huge thank you goes to both incredible women, as well as the New Dawn team for sending an ARC my way. I’ve long loved the magic Kate and Lorena can create when they team up, and this book is no exception. But let’s give you an overview first, shall we?

Within this novel, there are twenty-one fairy tales which will entice you into a world of enchantments, mischief and hope. This collection is for every dreamer who wants to test their mettle against dragons, as well as the evil that can hide in all guises. Kate and Lorena have combined their immense talents to craft an evergreen novel which celebrates the forgotten fairy tales, bringing them back into the light where they truly belong. If you love the land of faery? Wander these paths with me. We’re in the presence of greatness…

Paperback ARC of Kate Forsyth's Long-Lost Fairy Tales is in the centre of a white bookshelf, in front of other Kate Forsyth books. A polymer clay periwinkle blue Viking dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is to the right of the book.
These fairy tales are an enchanting adventure into the perilous realm of faery.
Even my Dirty Paws Australia dragon was spellbound!

Happiness Boost:

Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales is a gem of a read. And without a word of a lie, this is comfort reading at its best. With the land of faery brimming with all sorts of tales, I actually don’t know how Kate narrowed it down to the twenty-one within the covers of this book, but I love her choices! Pair that with Lorena’s gorgeous artwork? This is heavenly.

Faery stories are there to give us chills down our spine, to embolden our heart, to make us *feel* what is occurring to the characters. With the talented Kate and Lorena at the helm of this collection of fairy tales? I think someone could only be unaffected by these stories if they had a heart of stone. A whole spectrum of emotions in your heart and soul will dance to a merry tune thanks to what is within these pages. I obviously couldn’t be happier about this!

Within these stories, Kate often gives autonomy to characters who were reduced to a formulaic trope. She’s reinvented and reinvigorated the fairy tales in such as a way as to make every person important. There are no damsels who’ve forgotten how to react. There are no heroes who forcibly tell those around them what to do. I adore how Kate reinforces individuality, as well as an impressive independence. Combined with Lorena’s whimsical, delightful images? We’re taken into faery where the tales are tall and danger hovers at the shoulder of every reader. It’s a masterpiece.


It’s impossible for this collection of fairy tales to have a downside. That’s just a fact.

Final Thoughts:

Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales by Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington is an enchanting collection of twenty-one tales from faery. It’s been one of the most wonderful experience of 2024, getting to dive into an ARC of this beauty, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with it. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy of Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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