Lux: Rae Else *Review*

Cover image of Lux by Rae Else is in the centre of the image, of a gloomy, foggy forest path. Added text says: A darkness is set to conquer the world... Can Jess and her friends win against overwhelming odds?

Genres: New Adult, Fantasy, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 30 December 2022 | Series: The Dark Between | Series Book: #4 | Pages: 317 | Indie Author | Review

“Umbra deserves its vengeance…”

Rae Else


Lux by indie author Rae Else is the final instalment to The Dark Between series, and *spoiler alert* it’s an absolutely gripping NA fantasy!* There is so much high intensity within these pages, I was captivated from the very beginning. But let me give you an overview of the story before I completely fangirl in the Happiness Boost section…

In this last part of the adventure, Jess and Rune have had their godhood restored. But it’s at a cost, as Rune now controls both the Heights and the Depths, leaving Jess unsure of her domain. Umbra and Earth are under threat from all sides, with the oncoming darkness and Queen Mara forming an unholy alliance. And the betrayal of Theo continues, with his plan to capture Jess’ soul for his sluagh horde. Can anyone unite the clans, covens and courts? Or is this divide too deep to cross? Even Gods must pay a price for a miracle, and the cost could be Jess’ life and soul…

Cover image of Lux by Rae Else is to the bottom left of an image of a dark autumnal and foggy forest. Added text says: Now half-Goddess, can Jess find a way to defeat Mara's unstoppable army? Enemies approach from every side, with Theo determined to take Jess' soul...
Lux by Rae Else is a gripping, heart-pounding finale to The Dark Between…

Happiness Boost:

How do I even begin to break down all the things I love about Lux? This is actually really hard, because saying ‘everything’ doesn’t really give you much idea, does it?

My first happiness boost has to be the complex richness of the characters’ relationships. There are so many layers, and so much revealed only now. How Rae kept some things to herself until this fourth book, I don’t know! But even aside from that, Jess and Astra’s bestie goodness warmed my soul. And I cherished the deep and abiding feelings Matteo, Rune and Jess experience. Personal cataclysms demand communication and empathy; Rae gives us that, and I’m so grateful it wasn’t reduced to angsty turmoil.

Okay, no spoilers (I promise). *BUT* can we talk about the earth connections? And just how integral nature is to this intense battle for Umbra and Earth? I’ll fully admit, I’m not so in love with nature that I can appreciate things like leeches. But trees and their massive power, strength and endurance? YES. I am here for it! Lux is an ambassador for nature and the balance it brings to our lives. I couldn’t be happier to read about that.

The Storm-born. Shapeshifters, trapped in their winged horse forms, have a major part to play in this NA fantasy. And Rae’s description of their incredible presence in Lux has me wishing for more stories about them. To be honest, I would actually just love any kind of spin-off from The Dark Between series, because these worlds and characters pull at my heartstrings! But there’s something extra special about the Storm-born, and I really want to explore that.


It’s over! I don’t know what other bookworms will do, but I’m heading straight back to Luna for another read through, because I don’t want to say goodbye.

Final Thoughts:

Lux by indie author Rae Else has everything you could want in NA fantasy: high stakes, massive battles, as well as strong relationships that are tested beyond measure. This finale to The Dark Between gave me more than I expected, and I expected a lot! Jess is a reluctant heroine and I honestly think that’s the best kind. It’s very easy to have a character waltz through issues on the page, but give me these uncertain and courageous MCs any day. If you love the sound of this NA fantasy from what I’ve written here? Make sure you click the link below and pre-order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order Lux here: Amazon

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