Manners and Monsters: Tilly Wallace *Review*

Cover of Manners and Monsters by Tilly Wallace is to the left of a slightly blurred image of a blue book, gold ring, and blue feather. Added text says: The ton will never be the same after these events. Nobody can overlook this gruesome murder, not when the Afflicted are involved...

Genres: Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 7 June 2019 | Series: Manners and Monsters | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 320 | Indie Author | Review

“A woman with power – there is something to give men nightmares.”

Tilly Wallace


I purchased Manners and Monsters on a whim, and I’ve immediately added the rest of this series by Tilly Wallace to my TBR list! Set in the Regency era, Hannah Miles is a wallflower who assists her father in his scientific research. This research is about trying to find a cure for the ‘Afflicted’, the poor unfortunates who had used a face powder that turned out to be cursed, and are now the undead. Hannah’s mother, once the most powerful mage in England, is one of the Afflicted.

When a particularly gruesome murder takes place at a ball, the Afflicted at the party are the prime suspects. Hannah is roped into being an assistant to Viscount Wycliff, who is searching for the culprit, because he’s an abrupt man and easily upsets the ladies with his questions. Now not only do they have to find the murderer, they’re in danger of alienating everybody in the ton if Hannah can’t smooth over the ladies’ ruffled feathers…

Cover of Manners and Monsters by Tilly Wallace is to the right of an image of old brown books and a blue book, lining a bookshelf. Added text says: Someone is murdering people across London... And taking their brains. Can Hannah and Viscount Wycliff find the murderer?
Manners and Monsters is a fun, delightfully paranormal mystery set in Regency England.

Happiness Boost:

I had such a fun time reading this. I was wanting something that was entertaining, and Manners and Monsters delivered that in spades! Hannah has a quick wit, and a wonderfully unique way of looking at the people about her. Her relationship with Viscount Wycliff kept me thoroughly amused throughout the entire story.

Lady Seraphina, Hannah’s mother, is still a powerful person. I like that this is the case, that Tilly didn’t make Seraphina someone completely useless now that she’s Afflicted. Just because she now has to hide behind a veil (and doesn’t go out in public), doesn’t mean Seraphina can’t be an amazing mother and character. In fact, Seraphina sees so much more than what some in society do… I was cheering for her every time she appeared on the page.

Tilly addresses discrimination in Manners and Monsters, which I admire a lot. Life is uncomfortable for the Viscount when he must confront his own bias; it is through his eyes that we discover just how much the women are still themselves, despite having to eat ‘pickled cauliflower’ to survive. I like that we have a flawed character, one who is fallible. And with a rich stage set for so many adventures, I love that this book isn’t the last we’ll see of Viscount Wycliff and Hannah!


I actually couldn’t pick a downside with Manners and Monsters. I enjoyed this book immensely – every page gave me something delightful! Having said that, I also wasn’t anxious to look for discrepancies with the era it was set in, so if something is a bit awry, I’m the last person to ask.

Final Thoughts:

Manners and Monsters by Tilly Wallace is a hugely entertaining paranormal murder mystery. I was constantly trying to guess who the Afflicted were, the motive behind the murders, and why there was sometimes sadness in both Hannah and Wycliff’s eyes. Tilly gives us a light and fun read, but it has such a depth to it too. I’m only sorry that I didn’t know of this series before now! You can bet I’ll be making up for lost time now. There’s so much to love, and nothing (in my mind) to dislike.

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  1. Just love these books. I hope she continues with Hannah and Wycliff we’ve all come
    Love the whole family and especially Barnes

    1. It was such a great read, I really need to get back to this series! I loved every minute of Manners and Monsters and I’m so glad to hear you love it too!

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