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I know I only started my book blog this month, but who doesn’t love a good recap? My March Books Recap is a relatively short one, because for a big part of it I was just going nuts in the bookstores rather than reading a lot. But we’ve all been there, right? This is a safe space!

Unsurprisingly, the majority of my March books were in the overarching genre of fantasy. As a Tolkien nerd, it’s safe to assume that’s pretty much always going to be the case. It feels weird to say I only read and reviewed nine books… But oh what a delightfully immersive nine stories they have been.

Links to Book Review Goodness:

Three of the March books do not have a review here on my blog, as they were read before Immersed in Books was launched. However, you can find their reviews on my Instagram! You can head to @annesengstock for my profile, or click on the links below to just look at the three reviews:

Becoming the Dark Prince: Kerri Maniscalco

When Days Tilt: Karen Ginnane

Liars and Light: Rebecca Camm

Image of hands covered by jumper sleeves holding coffee, in front of an open book and scatttered autumn leaves. Taken by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay
Books and Autumn weather, the perfect combination.

And here on Immersed in Books, you can catch up on my reviews for these March reads:

The Fabric of Chaos: Helen Scheuerer

Other: Karen Kincy

The Cursed and the Broken: Chloe Hodge

Unlikely Queen: T. L. Smith

Cutthroat Cupcakes: Cate Lawley

House of Footsteps: Mathew West

My March Books Recap features a few e-ARCs, and who doesn’t love hearing about some anticipated releases? If you’re after fantasy, this month’s reads are just right for you. They go between YA and dark fantasy, and there’s something for everyone!

And The March Favourite Read Goes To…

What was my favourite read out of the 9? I have to say it was The Fabric of Chaos by Helen Scheuerer. It’s book 3 in The Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet and Helen has not only raised the bar, she’s completely lifted the roof off of the place. I’m probably getting my sayings mixed up, but all you need to know is that if I could only have one of these books? It’s hers. I’ve been a major fan of her writing since 2018 and Helen’s writing just keeps getting better. There is no flaw. Not in my eyes.

And that’s a wrap, glitterbugs!

Happy reading, dear bookworms. And stay tuned for what’s coming up next month…

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