May Book GOALS

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I have found that, even now, I’m ambitious with my book goals. But this month, for my May Book Goals? I’m going to try and be a little smarter about exactly how many are on my list, so I don’t feel silly looking back and discovering I didn’t get everything done! I mean, we’ve all been there haven’t we? We think big, but the reality isn’t quite so impressive. So here we go…

What’s on the TBR list?

I once again have a few books supplied to me by generous authors via Book Sirens, so let’s mark those on the TBR list first off! All three are fantasy, and you know how I love those…

  • The Curse of a Faeblood: M. K. Lorber
  • Secrets of a Rose: Adina Chiles
  • The Undine’s Tear: Talena Winters

What else am I excited to read this month? I’m really trying to make sure I have a mix of all sorts, so here’s what I’m hoping to get through with my May Book Goals:

  • Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone: Benjamin Stevenson
  • Shadow of Fire: Kate Schumacher
  • A Legacy of Storms and Starlight: Victoria J. Price
  • Fatal Fudge: Cate Lawley
  • The Paper Magician: Charlie N. Holmberg
  • Searching for Charlotte: Kate Forsyth & Belinda Murrell
  • Dance of Thieves: Mary E. Pearson

Anticipated Releases:

I am really, really excited that one of the books being released this month is Kate Schumacher’s Shadow of Fire. It is a NA Fantasy and will be released on the 5th of May, so I only have 4 sleeps to go before I can jump right in! The amazing Umbra by Rae Else is also released on the same day, with Anne Mollova’s Keeper of Scales coming out on the 17th. Fantasy lovers are being thoroughly spoiled this month, and I don’t think we mind a bit!

Covers of Shadow of Fire by Kate Schumacher, Umbra by Rae Else, and Keeper of Scales by Anne Mollova are going from left to right, diagonally from top to bottom. Image behind these covers is a moody, dark image of a graveyard. Added text says: May Anticipated Releases.
Anticipated Releases for May…
If you love fantasy and haven’t got these as part of your own May Book Goals, add them now!

And if you want to see my reviews for two of these fabulously written anticipated releases, these are their links:

Umbra: Rae Else

Keeper of Scales: Anne Mollova

Happy reading, bookworms! Let’s see if I can smash my goals, or if I’m once again like a girl in a fairy tale and wander off the path…

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