Neverscape: Kevin Cox *Review*

Cover image of Neverscape by Kevin Cox is in the centre of an image of a sunset over a forest and river. Added text: Malidora has escaped the shadow realm, only to find them in a new world...

Genres: Young Adult, YA Fantasy, Science Fiction | Release Date: 16 May 2023 | Series: Bewilderness | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 369 | Indie Author | Review

“This city will devour itself.”

Kevin Cox


Neverscape by indie author Kevin Cox is the third instalment in the Bewilderness series, a wonderful YA fantasy/sci-fi crossover. For those who’ve been around IIB for a while, you’ll have seen my reviews for the previous tales (Bewilderness & Shadowsphere) on my blog. So it’s not a surprise that this is going to be another glowing review, right? But before I fangirl too hard, let me tell you what this story is all about…

Malidora has finally escaped the shadow realm, but now the thief is stuck in Kandom, and the Shadows are coming for this world too. Searching for allies, desperate to be believed, Malidora battles to stop the terrible Gaith from siphoning the universe’s energy and opening doorways to every realm and dimension. But what happens if everyone only believes her when it’s too late? Is it even possible for Malidora to save an unfamiliar world, as well as the entire universe? And is knowing Malidora’s name really a curse of death?

Cover image of Neverscape by Kevin Cox is to the bottom left of an image of a moody sky over valleys and mountains, with skeleton trees and a winding river. Added text: Can Malidora save this new realm before it crumbles to the dark forces? Is there any hope for the future if they can't kill the shadows?
Another gem of a read in the Bewilderness series, Neverscape will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Happiness Boost:

Can we all agree that one of the best aspects of reading series is that we get Easter eggs in each book? Kevin has very sneakily put characters from Bewilderness into Neverscape, and I finally got the answers to questions that have been lingering in the back of my mind for some time! What’s more, the deadly foe is the same one we’ve faced in the other worlds, other tales. But with each book, I feel like we are building to something *huge*. This YA fantasy/sci-fi mashup really does deliver in making this series soar even higher.

Within this tale, we see how found families can be forged in fire. What’s more, Neverscape highlights how diverse and divisive groups can actually come together for a common cause. That part really seems like a fantasy compared to the real world, doesn’t it? But I love how Kevin hones in on each race’s unique qualities, and then gives them an opportunity to thrive against the growing darkness. We need more tales like this, featuring desperate hope and courageous heroines!

Last (but definitely not least) on my happiness boost list? The world building. It *has* to be the world building. How Kevin doesn’t get tripped up with all of these new worlds he has to create for the Bewilderness series, I’ll never know. But I’m so glad he keeps giving us more! The technology is unique, as are the political systems and cultural practices. Neverscape gives us yet another rich, immersive backdrop for us to fall in love with, even as the characters fight for freedom. That’s a massive happiness boost in my eyes, because it wouldn’t be a 5 star read without it!


Although the first few chapters were a little tricky for me to navigate, I was soon racing through the pages! So don’t be worried if you don’t immediately bond with Neverscape, I promise it’ll happen!

Final Thoughts:

Neverscape by indie author Kevin Cox is an action packed instalment in the Bewilderness series, and a brilliant YA fantasy/sci-fi mashup! There is so much to love within these pages, including found family, heartbreak and a deadly enemy… Who could pass that up?! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to get a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Neverscape via this link: Amazon

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