November Book GOALS

November Book Goals includes lots of reading! The image is of a dark brown, long haired Caucasian female sitting on a beach, with a book on her lap. Her hands are folded over the open pages.

Hello there, November! I initially had high hopes of reading a lot of physical books for my November Book Goals, but it turns out that that’s just going to have to be a pipe dream. There’s so many ebooks I need to read, I think any physical ones will just be a bonus! So am I branching out into anything new? Not really – I’m sticking with the fantasy genre and going full pelt into the fray!

What’s on the TBR list?

I’m only setting myself a target of eight books this November, including that of Marston’s from last month’s goals. I had to give myself a quieter month this time, because I’ll actually be away for a week! Instead of reading, it’ll be seven days of adventuring. So without further ado, here’s what’s on my TBR list for my November Book Goals:

  • The Foxes of Warwick: Edward Marston
  • The Blood Princess: S. A. Gonsalves
  • Wild Souls: Faith Prince
  • Dream of Death City: P. J. Nwosu
  • Immortal Cells: Tyrolin Puxty
  • The Borderlands Princess: Ophelia Wells Langley
  • Beckoning of the Gate: Benjamin J. Ryan
  • Rise of a Dark Throne: Ligia N. Cushman

Anticipated Releases:

There are a number of anticipated releases this November, so I’m going to dot point these beauties and you can mark their release dates on your calendar!

  • 14th: Heart of Flame: Kate Schumacher
  • 15th: Rise of a Dark Throne: Ligia N. Cushman
  • 18th: Dream of Death City: P. J. Nwosu
  • 28th: The Borderlands Princess: Ophelia Wells Langley
November Book Goals include these November Anticipated Releases - on a black and white background of latin words on a page, there are 4 cover images of books. Heart of Flame by Kate Schumacher, Rise of a Dark Throne by Ligia N. Cushman, Dream of Death City by P. J. Nwosu, and The Borderlands Princess by Ophelia Wells Langley.
My November Book Goals wouldn’t be complete without these anticipated releases!

Heart of Flame by Kate Schumacher has actually already been read (and reviewed) by yours truly here on my blog! Feel free to check it out via this link here: Heart of Flame: Kate Schumacher. If you love NA fantasy and an intense tapestry of characters, hardship and war? This thrilling conclusion to The Fires of Aileryan duology is definitely for you!

Happy reading, glitterbugs! I hope you achieve all of your own November Book Goals, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon…

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