October Books RECAP

October Books Recap features 7 books, with their cover images on an orange fantasy background. Top row: The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty by Maham Fatemi, The Unblessed Witch by Miranda Lyn, Aforetime by Lina Ravenhill. Bottom row: The Moon and the Hunt by Ophelia Wells Langley, War Queen by Nicola Tyche, Ruins of Bone by Sarah Chislon, The Wolf and the Favour by Catherine McCarthy.

I’m incredibly happy to tell you that my October Books Recap will show I’ve actually completed all of my October Book Goals! Was it a teeny tiny TBR list? Yes, yes it was. But clearly, that’s worked in my favour this month! And with the Australian heat really hitting hard here in Queensland (despite the fact that we aren’t even in summer yet), I have a feeling I’m going to be keeping my future TBR goals small… This way, if I’m melting too much to concentrate, I’m not disappointing anyone. Makes sense, right?

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October Books Recap means it's Halloween month! Jack O Lanterns are lit up against a leafy background with fairy lights behind them.
October means Halloween… And if you’re after a spooky tale or two, keep scrolling!

My October Books Recap features nearly every book from my monthly goals, but I will be honest and say Brimstone and Bone didn’t make the cut. I’d started to read the humorous fantasy, making it to chapter six, before I realised it wasn’t for me and reluctantly DNF’d. But the other tales I’ve read in October? Holy guacamole have they delivered! In. Spades. Glitterbugs. Catherine McCarthy’s The Wolf and the Favour is an excellent YA paranormal fantasy, and Ruins of Bone by Sarah Chislon is an exquisite gaslamp fantasy full of mystery… However, if you’re eager for romantasy, with epic battles and spicy scenes? My other reads will be just right for you! Make sure you check out the book review goodness below, for all of the wonderful stories I’ve read this month!

The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty: Maham Fatemi

The Unblessed Witch: Miranda Lyn

Aforetime: Lina Ravenhill

The Moon and the Hunt: Ophelia Wells Langley

War Queen: Nicola Tyche

Ruins of Bone: Sarah Chislon

The Wolf and the Favour: Catherine McCarthy

And the October Favourite Read Goes To…

Basically every book from this October Books Recap deserves to be a favourite. But I need to pick just one, so this month’s favourite read *has* to go to War Queen by indie author Nicola Tyche! If you want an epic finale to a brilliant romantic fantasy? A story that will thrill you, even as it makes you cry buckets of tears? Characters that will worm their way into your very essence before the story is done? Look no further. War Queen is what you’ve been searching for, and I’m still in awe of Nicola’s writing. If you already trust my recs, you can order it via Amazon here. Otherwise, go back up and click on my review for this NA epic fantasy to find out more!

And that’s a wrap, glitterbugs!

Happy reading, dear bookworms. And stay tuned for more reviews in November…

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