Ruins of Bone: Sarah Chislon *Review*

Cover image of Ruins of Bone by Sarah Chislon is in the middle of a darkened, moody image of flowers. Added text: Can Jessa lift a curse before a fae unleashes it on those around her?

Genres: Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Fantasy Mystery | Release Date: 25 October 2023 | Series: Blood of the Fae | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 703 | Indie Author | Review

“He should not have threatened those who dwell in my house.”

Sarah Chislon


I’m honestly over the moon that Book Sirens and Sarah Chislon have let me read an ARC of Ruins of Bone, the gaslamp fantasy sequel to Tattoo of Crimson! It’s no secret that I adored the first book, but can I confess something a little bit eccentric? I’d happily hover at Sarah’s side like the sun sylph Asrina, to watch as she continues writing this series! So let’s give you an overview of book two before I fangirl much more, shall we?

Jessa Caldwell is still dealing with the consequences of inheriting her friend’s estate, including that of the Kilmere ruins. And when she refuses to give these ruins to a power hungry fae lord who wants them for his own ends, Jessa knows she must travel to Kilmere to find out why he wants it so badly. But a curse is upon the ruins, and the locals believe it is to blame for the excruciating deaths within their area. To defeat the fae, Jessa must once again involve Lord Riven, the fae arbiter. But can she rely upon his protection, against one of his own kind? And what happens when secrets she doesn’t want to face arise? Will Jessa be able to defeat what lurks within Kilmere, or will this be her end?

Cover image of Ruins of Bone by Sarah Chislon is to the bottom left of a darkened, moody image of flowers. Added text: Jessa can't escape the Otherworld's deadly curse at Kilmere... Will Lord Riven be able to come to her aid?
This gloriously quirky gaslamp fantasy is going to be a comfort read for years to come…

Happiness Boost:

Within Ruins of Bone, we are once again treated to a *decadent* gaslamp fantasy full of mystery, intrigue and ways to break social convention. I devoured this book within two days, because once I started? There’s no way I could stop! Sarah creates such tantalising mysteries for Jessa to uncover, and (just quietly) I’d actually love if this series could continue for eternity! I want more. Really, really badly. Sarah could even just put out a one page tale, and I’d happily pay exorbitant amounts of money for it. Her writing is just *that* good.

Jessa fears what she could be, and I love how within Ruins of Bone this feisty herbalist goes on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Is it easy? Absolutely not! And with more secrets being unearthed in this sequel to Tattoo Crimson, this fantasy was clawing at my heart from the very first page. I can’t tell you just how much I love Jessa, as well as her kit-isne Jade and Lord Riven. Words fail me. But I adore their courage, their wit and their hearts that positively brim with love and a need for justice and kindness.

I’ve read a few tales involving a curse, but the spooky and positively grim one which resides in Kilmere is like none I’d ever encountered before. That’s a huge happiness boost! I can’t really give you a reason why, but for me this tale is like an amalgamation of The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis and Poirot by Agatha Christie! Don’t ask me to give you specific details, because I can’t. But trust me when I say you *need* to read this!


I have to say goodbye already! Oh how I wish, so very badly, that I could already dive into book three… But until that’s written and released, I’ll just have to re-read the published tales in the Blood of the Fae series!

Final Thoughts:

Ruins of Bone by Sarah Chislon is an exceptional gaslamp fantasy, featuring curses, murder and the duplicity of the fae. I want to give this more than five stars. In fact if I could, I’d be bringing stars in by the truckload for this beautiful tale! Honestly, I’ll be here all day fangirling about it if I don’t stop now. So if you love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on either of the links below and get yourself a copy of this amazing story! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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