Ruse of Heirs: Haley Walden *Review*

Cover image of Ruse of Heirs by Haley Walden is in the centre of an image of blue and orange sparks. Added text: What will Thorne have to give up to protect his clan?

Genres: YA Fantasy, Young Adult, Romantic Fantasy | Release Date: 19 December 2023 | Series: Tales of Rodhlan | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 252 | Indie Author | Review

“You don’t cry, nor do you seek comfort.”

Haley Walden


A huge thank you goes to indie author Haley Walden, for letting me review an e-ARC of Ruse of Heirs! This YA romantic fantasy can actually be read as a prequel to her series The Witness Tree Chronicles, and is my first introduction to Haley’s incredible writing… Honestly, what a way to entice a new reader! This story has so much going for it, so let’s give you an overview before I get too carried away!

Oda has long felt like she and her family are unwelcome in Clan Beran’s fortress, but Oda’s determined to prove her worth by becoming their best warrior. Following Thorne, the clan’s general, has never been in question for her. Because although headstrong and set in his ways, Thorne is the epitome of a noble warrior, one who always puts the clan first. But when a terrible tragedy occurs, Oda and Thorne’s closeness sparks a desire between them that can’t be denied. Can they ever truly be together, when their union is forbidden? Will Thorne be able to take the throne, when a treacherous opponent stands in his way? And what happens when a devastating secret comes to light?

Cover image of Ruse of Heirs by Haley Walden is to the bottom left of an image of orange and red sparks. Added text: Oda and Thorne are doomed to be kept apart... But what happens if Thorne wins the throne?
Ruse of Heirs will hit your heart with this tale of forbidden love…

Happiness Boost:

This beautiful romantic fantasy is a tale of forbidden love, duty and sacrifice. Haley gives us such a fiery and resilient FMC in Oda, and a tragic hero in Thorne – so of course that’s the perfect combination in my eyes! It’s actually not very often that I stumble across a friends to lovers trope in this genre, but Ruse of Heirs is such a gift for anyone who loves it! And you know what? Sometimes it’s harder to be a friend than an enemy when treachery abounds, as it does within the walls of Clan Beran’s fortress… Haley’s ability to create the perfect tension between these two and the overarching plot deserves *so* many gold stars.

Can we talk about the supporting characters? Jund, Cynda and Iva are so well written, each with strengths and weaknesses that perfectly complement our two main characters. I really didn’t expect to care for them as much as I do, but Haley’s way with words have persuaded me! Ruse of Heirs may be a prequel, but it delivers *so much* within the pages – I couldn’t put it down because I needed to see what would happen. Which is a huge compliment at this time of year!


I thoroughly enjoyed Ruse of Heirs, how could I have a downside?!

Final Thoughts:

Ruse of Heirs by indie author Haley Walden is an epic YA romantic fantasy, full of treachery, broken promises and a forbidden love. If that doesn’t intrigue you, nothing will! Will I be reading The Witness Tree Chronicles sometime in the future? You better believe it! I need to know what happens next, and that series is set just three years after the events in this prequel. I can’t wait! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on either of the links below to get a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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