September Book GOALS

September Book Goals: a sepia image of an open book on a table, with dry autumn leaves across it.

My September Book Goals are here, and I’m trying *so* hard to be realistic about my TBR list this time! I’d love to say I’m going to read a gazillion books, but being an adult means I need to learn my limitations. Pretty sad, isn’t it? But to make up for my adulting, I’ve been spoiled with ARCs this month! So you can bet I’m going to be reading until the early hours of the morning once I dive in…

What’s on the TBR list?

Half of my TBRs are ARCs which I am *incredibly* excited to read, and never say never when it comes to adding more to this list throughout the month! You know us bookworms, we can’t seem to help ourselves. But without further ado, here’s my current TBR list for my September Book Goals:

  • The Trillias Gambit: J. V. Hilliard
  • A Court of Caprice and Decay: Zara Dusk
  • Ash and Roses: N. B. Snook
  • Unbound: Christy Healy
  • War Queen: Nicola Tyche
  • Forcing Fate: M. A. Frick
  • Aforetime: Lina Ravenhill
  • Brutal Rival: Ember Holt

Anticipated Releases:

Thankfully, September is a little quieter compared to the influx of fantasy goodness which released last month. But are we once again going to be in bookish heaven with these anticipated releases? You bet we are! Mark your calendars glitterbugs, because we’re in for some excellent tales this month!

September Book Goals includes September Anticipated Releases! Superimposed on an image of a plant in a vase against a green wall are 5 book cover images. They are: A Queen of Thieves & Chaos by K. A. Tucker, Heart of Night and Fire by Nisha J. Tuli, Upon A Frosted Star by M. A. Kuzniar, Vows & Ruins by Helen Scheuerer and The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin.
This is going to be an exceptional month for new fantasy reads!

For those who’ve glimpsed my reviews (or the recap for last month), you’ll know I am a *massive* fan of two of these anticipated releases. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re currently my favourite reads of the year. Yep, no take backs!

So if you want to be immersed in a glorious journey filled with secrets and darkness? How about a forbidden love and the ultimate found family? Glitterbugs. Vows & Ruins by Helen Scheuerer is an epic romantic fantasy like no other. I promise you, this second instalment in the Legends of Thezmarr series is going to live in your heart and soul for the rest of time.

And shall we talk about Heart of Night and Fire, by Nisha J. Tuli? Nisha’s been inspired by her heritage to create a rich and colourful realm, the likes of which the fantasy romance genre has been sorely missing! Delicate, vicious and brimming with magic, the first book in the Nightfire Quartet series absolutely sparkles with intensity. Is it any wonder I want to hug the physical copies of these two books to my heart as soon as possible?!

Happy reading, glitterbugs! I hope you achieve all of your own September Book Goals, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon…

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