September Books RECAP

September Books Recap features 6 cover images of books I've read this month (over a pastel background). Top row (L to R): Bewilderness by Kevin Cox, Buying the Farm by Chad Darnell, The Last Keeper by J. V. Hilliard. Bottom row: All the Murmuring Bones by A. G. Slatter, The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu, The Worthy by Anna K. Moss.

It has been a wild ride, achieving my September Book Goals! That’s right glitterbugs, I achieved my goals! This September Books Recap not only delivers on promises I made at the start of the month, but I’ve actually done even more…

So what did I read? I read a lovely mixture of fantasy, ranging from YA to NA and grimdark, plus a rather gothic contemporary fiction featuring murder and chaos! Where the time has gone, I don’t know… But I think I spent most of this month with my nose stuck in a book. And that’s not a bad thing, right?

Links to Book Review Goodness:

My continued September Books Recap, featuring 6 cover images of books I've read this month (over a pastel background). Top row (L to R): The High Mountain Court by A. K. Mulford, Descendants by Rae Else, The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones. Bottom row: The Heir by Claudia Klein, Magic Dark and Strange by Kelly Powell, Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox.
So very many books to love in this September Books Recap…

There are twelve books here and nearly all of them are fantasy of some kind. So of course you can tell I’ll be loving them in my reviews! But if any of these beauties intrigue you, feel free to click their links and see what else I have to say about them.

So without further ado, here’s some book review goodness:

Bewilderness: Kevin Cox

Buying the Farm: Chad Darnell

The Last Keeper: J. V. Hilliard

All the Murmuring Bones: A. G. Slatter

The Assassin Thief: Madeline Te Whiu

The Worthy: Anna K. Moss

The High Mountain Court: A. K. Mulford

Descendants: Rae Else

The Drowned Woods: Emily Lloyd-Jones

The Heir: Claudia Klein

Magic Dark and Strange: Kelly Powell

Shadowsphere: Kevin Cox

And the September Favourite Read Goes To…

My September Books Recap featured so many brilliant reads, I didn’t know how to choose! I think this has actually been the toughest month yet… But in the end, I have to go with The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu. It’s such an exciting addition to the dark fantasy genre, and Telium as a flawed and faltering *powerful* heroine was a gift that just kept giving. Mark the release date on your calendar, because it will be out in the world on the 15th of October!

And that’s a wrap, glitterbugs!

Happy reading, dear bookworms. And stay tuned for more reviews in October…

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