Shadow Queen: Nicola Tyche *Review*

Cover image of Shadow Queen by Nicola Tyche is in the centre of an image of a snowy mountain vista with cloudy skies. Added text: Norah has been pushed to her limit... Can she really become the Shadow Queen?

Genres: Romantic Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy | Release Date: 1 August 2023 | Series: Crowns | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 556 | Indie Author | Review

“You welcome your death.”

Nicola Tyche


Let me tell you, Shadow Queen by indie author Nicola Tyche has completely smashed any of my high expectations from North Queen (book one in Crowns). Know why? Because this romantic fantasy truly goes above and beyond what we witnessed in the first instalment, and I just want to scream that the world needs to read this story. If you haven’t started to read Nicola Tyche’s Crowns series, why are you even waiting?! Okay, okay, I know… I need to give you an overview first. Then I can work on bringing you to my dark side. So let’s go!

Norah now holds two titles, having become both Queen of Mercia and Salara of Kharav. But with her heart torn between the two kingdoms, can she ever reconcile this tug of war? It’s a fragile peace, one which is in danger not just from the nobles of both kingdoms, but the trio at the centre. For even as Norah and Mikael, the Shadow King, try to find their way through a turbulent marriage, Alexander’s presence continues to cause friction. Can Norah create a lasting peace between the two men, when both of their hearts belong to her? How can the two kingdoms find unity when enemies clamour on every side? Treachery is afoot, and a usurper is about to bring a deadly war to their doorstep…

Cover image of Shadow Queen by Nicola Tyche is to the bottom left of a blue image of snow on a mountain and pine trees. Added text: With her heart torn between two kingdoms, will Norah ever find peace? And who will claim her heart for good?
I’m in love with Shadow Queen. There, I said it. That’s all you need to know, right?

Happiness Boost:

If you’re looking for an epic fantasy, with a romance which will tug at your heart and make you ache like no tomorrow? Shadow Queen is perfect for you. Nicola has expertly paired the overarching plot with the entangled lives of Norah, Mikael and Alexander… And the resolution we get with this trio of characters was one I’ve been wishing for with all my might. Are they out of danger? Of course not, it’s only book two! But I’m so grateful that Shadow Queen doesn’t crack our hearts beyond repair. Make no mistake: happily ever afters don’t come in the middle of a series. But I’ll gladly take what we’ve been given!

The landscape of Shadow Queen is a truly treacherous one, and although I’ll struggle to put into words just how much I appreciate this aspect, I promise I do! Sometimes authors forget that nature can be a force in its own right, but Nicola doesn’t. The natural world is given full credit within this NA fantasy, and it makes my soul *so* happy. Anyone else get a Tolkien vibe with the forest of the Wild? Surely it’s not just me! There was a power within that realm, and as much as it scared me, I wanted to linger. Probably because I wasn’t the one in danger, but still… If it’s my time, at least let me be surrounded by that kind of majesty, okay?

I paused with maybe about ten pages remaining, for a good half hour. Why is that a happiness boost? Because I hated the thought that Shadow Queen would soon be over, and had to psych myself up for letting go. So much happens within this NA fantasy, and all I can say is, *please* take a bow for writing this book, Nicola! I had so many moments where I didn’t know if my mind and spirit could take what was happening… This is an epic romantic fantasy in all its glory. I actually don’t know how I’ll be able to handle the fallout these characters will surely have to deal with in War Queen.


For this beautiful and dark second instalment in the Crowns trilogy, there is *no* downside!

Final Thoughts:

Shadow Queen by indie author Nicola Tyche is an epic romantic fantasy which is going to tear you apart, even as it completely thrills your bookish heart. My feelings for this book are immense, and I’m even more in love with this tale than North Queen! Bring on War Queen (which releases on the 29th of this month), that’s all I can say. If you love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order this amazing book! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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