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Genres: Epic Romantic Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy | Release Date: 20 June 2024 | Series: The Legends of Thezmarr | Series Book: #4 | Pages: 420 | Indie Author | Review

“The end of days is here at last.”

Helen Scheuerer


I actually can’t adequately describe my excitement when Shadow & Storms by the amazing indie author Helen Scheuerer arrived. But if you’ve ever wanted to roam the wilderness of a harsh landscape, where monsters are plentiful and the romantasy goodness is off the charts? Glitterbugs, I give you The Legends of Thezmarr. If you haven’t read my previous reviews, you can check out my thoughts on where it all began here. But for now? Let’s give you an overview of this beauty!

It all comes down to this moment. There’s no more waiting, no more time to find allies who might stand alongside them. Although outnumbered, Thea and the army behind her must finally make their last stand against the growing might of monsters within the realm. The darkness is festering, and Thea cannot wait any longer. If she does, her fate will catch up to her. There’s not long now before she reaches her twenty-seventh year, when she’s doomed to die… But at the end of all things, will Thea be able to cheat death’s grasping claws? Can she and Wilder bring the light back to a land plagued with monstrosities? Or will the prophecy and a desperate venture see them utterly consumed by shadows?

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This final instalment almost broke me.
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Happiness Boost:

For those who know me, and I like to think you do by now, it’s no surprise that I struggle with words when it comes to reviewing Helen’s books. Because how can you sum up something so devastating yet simultaneously perfect? Within Shadow & Storms, Helen enchants us with found family, spicy goodness and one of the fiercest, bravest heroines you’ll ever meet. I’m telling you, this series finale lures the reader in by promising all manner of delights, and it *delivers*. Seriously. It. Delivers. Could I give you specifics? Of course! But am I going to? No. Because spoilers, dear bookworms. Spoilers.

What I both absolutely love and dread about Helen’s writing is that she doesn’t give us an unrealistic tale. Yes it’s a fantasy so there’s magic and monsters (and seriously, I had a full ick moment at one point because the horrors Helen depicts can be *disturbing*)… But you never have a moment when happiness is freely given without consequences. There’s always consequences! Helen isn’t afraid to hold our heart in her hands and just *crush* it. Did she do that in Shadow & Storms? All the tissues in the world couldn’t keep up with my tears. And you best believe I literally shouted at the book while I was reading certain events. That’s the highest praise I can give, when you think by shouting at a book you can change what’s happening on the page!

I never, ever say this lightly. But Helen Scheuerer really is a master storyteller. With all of the threads she weaved to make this final instalment in The Legends of Thezmarr, Helen could be forgiven if some of the threads didn’t gleam as brightly as the rest. And yet, they *do*. Every single plot point, every single character, every single question and hope and fear we have for Thea and Wilder is answered in Shadow & Storms. I am honestly still trying to catch my breath, after reading this romantasy. Helen, the romantasy genre (and its readers) is so lucky to have you. And I say that with all my heart. This epic romantic fantasy deserves so much more praise than I can give.


We’ve come to the end of Thea and Wilder’s journey! Honestly I could read about them *forever*. But an actual downside? There’s none to be found here!

Final Thoughts:

Shadow & Storms by indie author Helen Scheuerer is one of the best epic romantasy tales you will ever read. I’m ridiculously emotional that it’s the end of The Legends of Thezmarr, but what an absolute treat we’ve been given. You have no idea how badly I need everyone to read this series. Seriously, if you take no other advice from me, read Helen’s books. Because this is exceptional. If you love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to pre-order your very own copy of Storm & Shadows! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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