Shadowsphere: Kevin Cox *Review*

Cover image of Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox is in the centre of an image of mountains and a body of water in front of it. Added text says: Tavarian must find the rokenstones. But a darkness is swallowing everything in its path...

Genres: Young Adult, YA Fantasy, Science Fiction | Release Date: 7 September 2022 | Series: Bewilderness | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 312 | Indie Author | Review

“They say the swamp is haunted, that some kind of old evil has taken up residence there of late.”

Kevin Cox


I was recently given a copy of Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox thanks to the generosity of the author, and it has been a magnificent return to the Bewilderness series!* This lovely YA fantasy is full of darkness, found family and an epic quest. I actually love it even more than the first story (Bewilderness), so prepare yourselves for fangirling…

In this second instalment of the series, we meet a young man named Tavarian. He has never fit in, so when he’s chosen to descend into the mist and retrieve lightning-filled stones, it seems like a wish come true. Tavarian plans on being the first to collect these magical stones which can revive his community, and thus be accepted and appreciated, getting a hero’s welcome upon his return. But at the bottom of the mountain, Tavarian learns not all is as it seems… Will he ever find these stones? Can he survive in a place from which no one has ever returned? And what is this creeping darkness, swallowing the towns in its wake?

Cover image of Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox is to the bottom left of a dark orange landscape of desert and clouds. Added text says: Can Tavarian find his way home? Or will evil strike from within? There is no safety at the bottom of the mountain, and Tavarian is running out of time...
Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox is a YA fantasy of dark quests, heartbreak and found family…

Happiness Boost:

Shadowsphere feels less sci-fi than its predecessor, so I was in my element of fantasy goodness! The fact that there’s an epic quest, a ragtag crew and a lurking darkness? It’s got everything a fantasy reader could want. Plus, even though there are obviously ties to Bewilderness, this YA fantasy could probably stand as its own introduction to the series. And as someone who often accidentally picks up book two of a series first, I appreciate that!

I felt like I’d received a little bit of fairytale goodness when giants appeared. Kevin just makes the story so enthralling, I was racing through the pages to see if Tavarian’s intelligence could save him. It’s nice to be shown that you don’t have to have massive physical strength to overcome obstacles. Sometimes, mental strength is actually your saviour. Pairing him up with Dexius was the perfect way to complement these boys’ strengths and weaknesses.

I was so engrossed with Shadowsphere, that by the time I got to the end? All I could do was sit and stare into space for a while! The ending is *huge*. For some reason, I hadn’t connected the dots. And when you throw in some heartbreak, goodbyes and a tonne of action… I’ve definitely found a new favourite read with this incredible sequel to Bewilderness.


None! I know in my review for the first book I had a little gripe about Ambrielle being whiny. But this doesn’t happen here; I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin’s writing and all of the characters!

Final Thoughts:

I love Shadowsphere by Kevin Cox. I was thoroughly captivated by this YA fantasy story and its entwining tale of darkness and found family. It’s been such an enchanting, immersive read, I’ll be revisiting this story for sure! If you love a death defying quest, the threat of a lurking evil and the sweetness of found family? This really is the book for you. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Shadowsphere via this link: Amazon

* Missed my review for the first book? You can read it here: Bewilderness: Kevin Cox

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