Shards of Venus: Tjalara Draper *Review*

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Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy | Release Date: 2 October 2019 | Series: Celestial Shifters | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 300 | Indie Author | Review

“Real strength and real power don’t come from tough hides, crystal shards, or even crowns. They come from within.”

Tjalara Draper


When you want shifters with a difference, Shards of Venus by Tjalara Draper is the perfect book to purchase. In this first book in the Celestial Shifters series, we’re introduced to a couple of key characters. Nathan is a celestial (Veniri) shifter, posing as a human detective, when he finds Violet Chambers at a crime scene. The young girl is injured, her best friend murdered, and Nathan knows that the murder wasn’t done by anyone human.

We fast forward a few years after these opening scenes, to when Violet begins college. Nathan had been her safe haven for years, teaching her and raising her like a daughter. But now she has to start afresh, even as she continues to struggle with her past trauma; all Violet can remember of that event, is the tattoo on the man’s neck…

The trouble is, Violet isn’t safe. Neither is Nathan. Can they survive what’s hunting them? And will big secrets force a goodbye?

The book Shards of Venus by Tjalara Draper is sitting on the centre of a tree stump.
Shards of Venus by Tjalara Draper gives a whole new meaning to the planets around us…

Happiness Boost:

Shards of Venus gives us shifters, but with a huge difference. These ones shift by the light of Venus, and their skeleton is diamantium. I’m not spilling all of their secrets with any more than that, but it was *so* good to have an adventure with a new species!

Violet isn’t perfect, but she is full of heart and courage. Sometimes that’s actually all you can ask for; in fact without those two things, it would be easy to lie down in a ditch somewhere and say that life’s too hard. But Violet doesn’t do that. Even as she still mourns her best friend, and works through her trauma, Violet pursues what is important to her. That takes so much courage. I love that we get such a heroine in Shards of Venus.

Okay I said I wouldn’t spill more of the Veniri’s secrets but… Scents can mean different things. I’m finding that concept to be a really, really exciting one. I’ve read quite a few books where colours can mean different things (aura-wise), but this is the first time someone can touch the air with their tongue and *taste* scents like cinnamon, pine needles etc. Their meanings are huge, and it’s been really fun to try and guess them before I read the answer!


I have no downside! This book does end on a slight cliffhanger, but as I have the second book ready to go, I’m good! Thank you, Past Anne. You looked out for me and my bookworm heart appreciates that.

Final Thoughts:

Tjalara Draper’s Shards of Venus was a wonderful introduction to Celestial Shifters, and I am so very glad that I went with my heart and ordered the other books that are already out! Violet has been such a brave soul, and I am incredibly invested in seeing what happens next for her. I actually wanted to dive straight into book 2, but I thought I should let you know about this beauty before I do that… See, I’m thinking of others! You are welcome!

Bring on a bigger danger, a bigger world, and a whole heap of new shifters. I cannot wait.

You can order via my Amazon link: Shards of Venus

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