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Genres: YA Fantasy, Young Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 22 September 2020 | Series: Fallen Legacies | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 455 | Indie Author | Review

“The monsters have found me.”

Julie Hall


It took me so long to get Stealing Embers by indie author Julie Hall down from my TBR shelf, but I’m happy to say I finally dived in! Truthfully my bestie had been gently nudging me to get a move on with reading it for a while now, and once I did? I can see why she was impatiently waiting to talk to me about this YA fantasy! But let’s give you an overview, shall we?

Emberly has never felt safe, especially when she sees monsters around her that no one else does. But what happens when it turns out her entire life has been a lie? Taken to a training academy for Nephilim, Emberly must decide if she’s ready to find out who she really is. With Steel convinced Emberly will draw the Forsaken to the academy, it’s no surprise he feels vindicated when the monsters breach the walls. Can Emberly find a way to harness her growing powers and fight for her friends? Is it possible for her to make Steel see she’s not the enemy? Or will this new world prove to be too much for Emberly and force her to flee?

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Stealing Embers by Julie Hall is such a spine-tingling YA fantasy!
Apple from Calico Griffin was equally delighted with it.

Happiness Boost:

It’s taken me a little while to write this review, because I’ve been struggling to sum up everything I’ve loved about Stealing Embers! But Julie has given us such a gritty heroine in Emberly; I’m both heartbroken over what she’s lived through, and yet so proud of her for everything she’s overcome. At a certain point she even tries to make herself smaller, to present less of a target. Tell me you wouldn’t want to reach through the page and give her a massive hug! I adore how Julie makes us immediately empathetic to her characters.

Maybe I’ve become too used to reading darker fantasies, but you know what I particularly love in this YA fantasy? The humour! There have been so many moments I’ve highlighted in this book, purely because they’ve made me laugh. Truth be told I’m not sure I’d like being called a fat turkey either, and Steel’s reaction was *exactly* how an affronted cat would behave. But when the wonderful Emberly piles on more humiliation by poking fun at another of his shape-shifting forms? Cue the confetti glitterbugs, because I was chortling!

We get so much danger within Stealing Embers, I was on edge thinking the worst would happen to every character I adore. Thank goodness I don’t have high blood pressure problems! Although the idea of Nephilim and a more evil race locked in battle isn’t a new one, Julie makes this a truly refreshing read… And with eccentric characters like Tinkle and big surprises that keep getting thrown at the reader? You’re in for such a treat if you dive into this book!


No downside for me, I’m just excited I have the rest of the books here to dive into right away!

Final Thoughts:

Stealing Embers by indie author Julie Hall is a YA fantasy full of eccentric characters, epic themes and a deadly betrayal. Who wouldn’t want to read such a tale?! Seriously glitterbugs, don’t be like me. If your bestie tells you to read a story asap, you read it *asap*, okay? Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy of this beauty! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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