Stormwaker: Kevin Cox *Review*

Cover image of Stormwaker by Kevin Cox is in the centre of an image of a sunset over a forest and mountains. Added text: Will Ambrielle and Gavian be torn apart in a new war?

Genres: Young Adult, YA Fantasy, Science Fiction | Release Date: 6 November 2023 | Series: Bewilderness | Series Book: #4 | Pages: 373 | Indie Author | Review

“Steel doesn’t become a sword without fire.”

Kevin Cox


A massive thank you goes to indie author Kevin Cox, for letting me back into the Bewilderness series with this new instalment, Stormwaker! I swear this YA fantasy/sci-fi mashup is turning me into a sci-fi fan, and if you haven’t heard of this series before? You can check out my review for the very first book here. But let me give you an overview of this new tale before I fangirl much more, okay?

Gavian and Ambrielle have finally reunited, and are now on a quest to track down the friends Gavian lost so many years ago. But as they finally reach Gavian’s homeland, his dreams of a joyous reunion soon turn into a nightmare. Thrust into the middle of a war, can Ambrielle and Gavian fight their way to victory? What happens when they’re torn apart? And can they seal the rift before the Shadows overwhelm everything?

Cover image of Stormwaker by Kevin Cox is to the bottom left of an image of a sunset over a forest. Added text: Gavian is desperate to find the friends he left behind... But will he be too late by the time he arrives with Ambrielle?
Stormwaker is such a delightful return to Bewilderness, and filled with so many adventures!

Happiness Boost:

These characters have really matured as the series progresses, and it’s been such a delight to see Ambrielle and Gavian come into their own. This duo have also quickly become couple goals, because although they have some communication issues? There is *nothing* they wouldn’t do for each other. It’s such a delight to see both characters embrace each other’s faults (and not just their strengths), as well as having space for deep conversations.

Can we talk about the world building? I’m pretty sure I’ve said this every time I’ve reviewed a book from this YA fantasy series, but Kevin has outdone himself with Stormwaker! The jumping of worlds still gives me The Magician’s Nephew (C. S. Lewis) vibes, but with the fantasy and sci-fi elements thrown in, Stormwaker is such a rich and vibrant creation. I couldn’t love it any harder if I tried! Seriously, the world building within this novel is a gift for the reader as it features the best of both genres.

And what about the wonderful dash of humour, which is mixed in amongst deeper emotions like grief and fear? I didn’t think I would enjoy a robot’s company as much as I did within Stormwaker, but Wegin is an adorable little friend! Anyone else familiar with K-9 from Doctor Who? Think this, but more like in an insect form! It’s really funny, without meaning to be. And usually that’s when the funniest moments occur, am I right?!


I don’t have a downside, because this has been such another welcome adventure by Kevin Cox!

Final Thoughts:

Stormwaker by indie author Kevin Cox is an incredible YA fantasy/sci-fi mashup, full of deadly adventures and a fight for freedom. This glorious series is perfect for the YA reader who loves both genres, but honestly? If you like either fantasy or sci-fi, you’ll be in for a treat if you dive into Stormwaker and the previous books in Bewilderness! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to get a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Stormwaker via this link: Amazon

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